How does this whole thing actually work?

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Uncategorized


You may have heard the terms sold to close, transaction management, transaction coordination, or seen the 2 letters VA (Virtual Assistant). And you probably have a basic understanding of who and what this means.

Sold to close is a term synonymous with transaction management, transaction coordination, and so forth. Simply put, it is the process of a real estate transaction from the moment there is a contract, to the point of closing/funding. And the person behind the process is called a transaction manager, transaction coordinator, or a virtual assistant.


Now, there are some distinctives between a virtual assistant and the rest of the terms. For instance, a virtual assistant is mobile rather than static. They do not necessarily have to be in the office, although they can be. Virtual Assistants are also, typically, independent contractors vs. salary or hourly employees. VA’s also have sold to close programs that are web based rather than hard drive contained.

I am a virtual assistant. I am an independent contractor within Keller Williams. I am also a licensed agent who has been in the business (and with Keller Williams) for almost 8 years. This means that I am not an employed, salaried transaction manager for any one agent/group/team. I have the ability to assist any agent within Keller Williams. I handle, literally, the 80% from contract to close!

What exactly do I do for YOU? Below is a bulleted list of what I handle for you:

  • Bluesheet turned in to Admin
  • All documents uploaded to my personal site,
  • You, the client, and the closer get a username and password to my site
  • I call the client, lender, and Title Co (1st day of contract and weekly thereafter)
  • You get updates each week via e-mail, phone, and/or text
  • I write up any amendments (I don’t negotiate repairs)
  • Order HOA docs
  • Bio with pictures for your listing/buyer presentation
  • Remind the agent of ending option period
  • Change status in MLS and CSS (if you have the listing)
  • Coordinate closing date with all parties
  • Check on HUD status, loan status, and so forth

This list is not exhaustive either. These are just a few of the things that I do for you, the agent! More, everytime that I make a call to the client I advocate you. For instance, I do a lot of deals with Robert Elder, of The Robert Elder Group. When I call his clients, I say, “Hi there Mr. _______, Robert wanted me to give you a call and remind you about _________.” This way the client knows that their agent cares about them. This ensures referral business, which in turn ensures more business for me. After all, if I do a stellar job for you then you will want to use me again. It behooves me to treat you and the client with courtesy, professionalism, and respect.

With my “Sold to CLOSE!” program you get all the control of having a personal assistant, high levels of integrity on my team, years of experience, security, and most important, FREE TIME to go accomplish the 20% that you love. The 20% is what got you into this business anyway, right? You didn’t sign on for paperwork, aggrevating phone calls, and red tape. I deal with that for you!

Tomorrow I will answer the question, “How much is it?”

See you then,

Dustin Curlee


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