Listing Management at Keller Williams

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Virtual Assistant

Last week I spoke about my service within Keller Williams called “Sold to Close.” I explained the details of this service. I also mentioned another service within Keller Williams concerning Listing Management. I mentioned that Diana Gutierrez would be writing a small article about what it is that she does. Well, she did. Here is the article (I will be adding graphics): 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my position within the Keller Williams Realty Heritage family.

Greetings to my New Family! My name is Diana Gonzalez Gutierrez and I am heading up a new department within Keller Williams Realty Heritage called Marketing Concepts and Listing Management.

Marketing Concepts and Listing Management is a department created by Craig Owen to free the time of agents up to do what they received their valued real estate license for, and that is to generate leads, create more contacts, show property, write contracts, get another listing and build an impressive Sphere of Influence list. And we seek to help you with this in a very affordable manner.

The time consuming assignments like paperwork, entering your listing into so many programs and websites, taking your sign out to the property, training a new employee (not to mention paying taxes, completing W-2 forms and the most popular of all employee issues), and all the rest of the 80% herein, diverts your attention. Craig and I have found a simple solution.  Instead of hiring a new employee for a few weeks, or bringing in your significant other to help you, why not just go down the hall to my office and let me assist you.

I offer 3 package services, and in return you receive years of my experience as a Professional Real Estate Agent assistant for the top producing agents at the Phyllis Browning Company – what’s more, there are no employee issues.  I will complete the job in a timely manner, keep all information confidential, and most of all I will have your best interest in mind.

Here are the prices –

Basic Listing Package $159

See JPEG here

Premium Listing Package $249

See JPEG here

Platinum Listing Package $349

See JPEG here

There is even an á la carte menu

See JPEG here

In closing I would like to thank Craig Owen, Team Leader, Dustin and Jennifer Curlee for this opportunity to introduce myself and my services.

Best regards,

Diana Gutierrez        Diana Gutierrez

Can you see how this service is of value? Consider this – you go to a listing appointment. Your PLP (Pre Listing Package), Buyer Presentation, or your Listing Presentation has a page or slide (if you do power point) of Diana’s service and my service, as though we are your personal, on-staff assistants. The client immediately sees the value in having a team of seasoned professionals handling their issues. When the time comes to mention the transaction fee, they have already seen the value and need. Your job is done!


Now, the even more stunning reality is that you come back to the office and drop off the listing to Diana. You let her know which package you want and, “Presto!,” you are finished. When the listing goes under contract Diana brings it over to me and I handle the transaction from contract to close. All you do is negotiate repairs, go to closing, and collect your money. If you have the buyer, you bring me the receipted contract and walk away. Yes, it is that simple!


Tomorrow I will briefly talk about how to give value to the transaction fee, so that when you are in front of the client you feel confident in discussing the matter. It’s really very simple. And once you grasp the issue (which you all probably already do), then bringing it up to the client is a quick and simple, “Oh, by the way…”


Have a good day!


Dustin Curlee…


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