Transaction Management – A “pat” on my own back.

Posted: October 15, 2007 in General

Ok, be warned – I’m about to brag on myself.


I’m not bragging on myself merely for the sake of ego inflation. In fact, I really don’t care about inflating my ego. Ego isn’t what drives me. Is a “pat on the back” an unavoidable outcome of what I’m about to post? Yes, it is.

Craig Owen, the team leader of Keller Williams Realty Heritage, received an e-mail last Friday about the Transaction Management services that I’ve been providing for agents here at the office. Frankly, I was stunned and humbled by the praises. Don’t get me wrong, I work very hard to do a great job. I’m aware that client satisfaction is of the utmost importance because my service is referral based, just like an agent’s. However, this e-mail was…well, awesome!

Hi Craig,

Thank you for bringing Dustin Curlee on as Transaction Coordinator.  It
seems that one of the best decisions I have made to this point has been
to use Dustin’s Transaction Coordination Services.  He does everything!
It feels a little odd to not have to worry everyday about which contract
to close items need to be done.  My clients love his “Settlement Room”
website and he is do profressional in dealing with my clients.

This example really shows how valuable I think his services are.  I just
turned in a contract for $63000.  Because I just passed my anniversary
date, I am once again at a 70/30 split.  I won’t make much on this
contract and I considered not using Dustin this time.  Even tho I will
only make about $1000 after I Dustin gets paid the $250, I decided I
couldn’t afford not to use him on this transaction too.  Using him saves
me so much time and worry.

I’m just so impressed with his services.  If other people knew what I
know, Dustin would have a waiting list for agents.

Thank you so much for doing whatever you did to get Dustin here!

Cathy Naiser

Custom Service

That is a big deal to me. I am very happy that I have been able to give Cathy Naiser and company stellar service. That’s what it is all about, isn’t it? And for her to take time out of her day (believe me, her days are busy) to write that e-mail means a great deal. Thank you!

That’s my goal – Client Satisfaction! I will continue to work hard, study other systems, evaluate, re-evaluate, and do whatever it takes in order to go that extra mile.

Dustin Curlee


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