You Tube – a way to market and sell, both YOU and your homes

Posted: October 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

You know, I’ve been going to training classes within Keller Williams for 8 years. I’ve been to just about every Boot Camp, Breakout Session, and Tech Seminar available. In the Technology Boot Camps you always hear about You Tube. Agents are highly encouraged to employ You Tube as a marketing strategy to brand themselves. In addition, Agents can use You Tube to advertise their homes very effectively – and for FREE! The sad things is that I don’t know many Keller Williams agents who actually use this valuable tool – except Richard Zepeda of The A-Z Group.


Richard has made great usage of You Tube. The location of his page is here. Let me give you a quick example of 2 videos on Richard’s site that give a better explanation of what I’m talking about:

Uh, yeah – how cool is that? Pop Quiz: What would you rather do as a potential client? A) Read a 12 pt Arial font testimonial about how great an agent is, or B) Watch a video of actual clients who have experienced an agents service? It’s a no brainer for me too!


Want to see another video from his site? Considering marketing your a home for your client?

This particular video was viewed 1,174 times so far. What’s more – there was a comment left from a potential buyer who is moving to Texas. I bet Richard snagged that lead! Yes, you can see how many times your videos have been viewed, have comments left, and respond to the viewers. It’s incredible.

Ok, one more –

Yes, that is a Buyer Presentation on video. Imagine having a buyer lead come in, giving them a quick call to introduce yourself, getting an e-mail address, and then sending this as a semi-introduction. Richard is on the ball.

Cash Money

At this point you may be asking yourself, “How much is Richard paying Dustin for this?” The answer – NOTHING.

Look, I am impressed by people who don’t settle for status quo. When I find those people, I give them props (that’s hip language for accolades). And when I find people who are using great technology, then I share that with other people. The sad but true reality is that the majority of people who read this and say, “Yeah, that’s really good stuff,” won’t even go out and start using the tools available to them. Comfort is much easier on the butt, but harder on the checkbook.

So let’s make this simple:

  1. Go to You Tube and create a FREE account
  2. Purchase a semi decent digital video recorder here or here
  3. Record a video
  4. Upload it to your FREE You Tube site (instructions here)
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 consistently


So anyway, hats off to you Richard. I like it. I am going to start employing the usage of You Tube video on my blog. I have already created a FREE account and have personalized my player. Now I just need to make videos worthy of watching. 🙂

Dustin Curlee

  1. Fred says:

    I would suggest NOT putting your videos on YouTube….

    1) The quality is the worst on the net. You want to present yourself in a professional manner. A blurry, pixelated video isn’t the best way to do this.
    2) There is a tremendous amount of SPAM comments on YouTube these days. Do you really want your clients’ home peppered with links to PORN sites? Not professional at all.
    3) Nobody…NOBODY searches YouTube for real estate.

    If you want to utilize video, upload them to a site that specializes in real estate video, such as or You will look professional and avoid the spam associated with Youtube. It’s out of control.

  2. I currently work at and have to agree with Fred that I would suggest against posting your real estate videos on YouTube. The quality is terrible, the spam is terrible and you’re not getting your videos in front of the audience that you want to be in front of!

  3. Jane Goody says:

    This is quite a up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

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