Keller Williams Grand Opening Party

Posted: October 25, 2007 in General

Keller Williams Realty

Tonight is the night – the big GRAND OPENING of our Keller Williams Heritage office.

 As I speak, er, type, there are people passing by my window hurrying about. In fact, Kelly Pancake (She is being a huge help) just grabbed me and made me help carry some chairs from the break room to an empty office. I’m telling you it’s crazy around here. Table are being moved, pictures are being hung, last minute preparations are occuring, and all so that we can show off this amazing building! It’s all worth it. What a journey it’s been.

Our building hasn’t always looked like it does right now though. I remember walking through the shell of this thing with Craig about 4 weeks before it opened. It was weird. And you couldn’t help but think, “How in the world is this going to be done in a month? There’s no way!” Take a look —


But it did get done. Granted, there were a few small details that had to be ironed out. Isn’t that expected in a project this size? Our building is 22,000 sf. That’s no self-storage unit.

 Not as big

The rumor is that there are supposed to be over 1,000 people here. I would imagine that just about every Title Company, Lender, friend, foe, and second cousin twice removed, received an invitation. Good! Bring ’em all here. The more the merrier. Although, putting a huge group of real estate agents and lenders around each other where there is alcohol present seems like putting a box of self-strike matches near the short fuse of a stick of dynamite.


There are caterers already here who are unloading gallons and gallons of wine, soda, food, and other various catering type things. Other unfamiliar faces are roaming the halls mumbling different things about what they need to get done in the next hour. I saw Craig in the hall about an hour ago throwing his car keys to Robert (his brother) so that he could pick up more supplies. You’re a brave man Craig – brave indeed. 🙂

Ok, so it is 2:58 now. We are 2 hours away from the launch. The actual ribbon cutting is at 6. I’d say it was at 6 sharp, but we are talking about realtor time, aren’t we? Although I’m sure that Showcase magazine, among many others, will be here to take pictures, I too am going to be snapping shots throughout the night. I will post my pictures in the next day or so.

Until the next post, let’s have some fun and celebrate this grand opening. I hope that a lot of people recognize Craig tonight for the job that he’s done. It’s nothing short of stunning. I’ve been with Keller Williams since the day Craig left The Owen Group and became the Team Leader when we were at the Blanco Market Center. There were about 90 agents at that time. Now we are about 440 strong and growing. Our profit sharing has gone up, numbers have increased, our reputation is unparalleled, and most of all, the culture has grown stronger. Amen! Thank you Craig!

In addition, the staff that is now in place here is, quite seriously, unbelievable. In no particular order I need to say thank you to Tina Morales, Kim Perry, Kim Bridgforth, Patty Alcala, Nancy Higgs, Anna Velazquez, and of course, Russ Stewart and David Jones. We truly would not be where we are without their support.

No, I didn’t forget Sean. In fact, here’s a picture:

Sean - the IT guy (Thanks for putting up with all of my, “Hey Sean, can you help me do ___________.”)

Look for a post-party post with pictures.

Dustin Curlee


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