Keller Williams Grand Opening Party – Pt. 2

Posted: October 26, 2007 in General

I left off yesterday talking about how people were running around to and fro trying to get everything ready here at our office, remember? After I logged off of here I went and took some pictures of the different people, different rooms, and what things looked like during prep time. The mood was electric, exciting, and a little tense. Here’s some of what I saw —

 Training Room < This is our training room                Reception Area < This is our reception area

Conference Room < Here is a conference room              Cubicle Area < This is our cubicle area

Break Room < This is our break room – These guys were ready to stab folks with miscellaneous spatchelas and what not because agents were trying to take food early.

Ok, so you get a pretty good idea of what things looked like at around 3:30-4:00pm. But what about Craig? Where was Craig ONE HOUR before he had to be tuxed up, hair combed, smile on, ready to go???

Craig hard at work 1. He was working – seriously! He was writing checks, dealing with vendor issues, and helping out agents

Craig decorating 2. He was trying to decorate. Craig and I are very much alike, and I can promise you that interior decoration (or any decorating for that matter) is better left to anyone besides us. This is why you see Kelly in the forefront trying to help Craig out. Keep in mind that these decorations were taking place 1 hour before the event.

What about the agents in the office? What were the agents and assistants doing this whole time? Were they at home primping and preening, getting ready for the festivities? Well, we already saw that Barbara DeLamo and Kelly Pancake were STILL at the office helping out. They were tremendous. But what about the others? Let’s see —

Bryan Asvestas Here is Bryan Asvestas hard at work. When I took this picture the flash caused him to turn around and look at me like, “Can’t you see I’m trying to get stuff done chump? Back off!”

 Diana Gutierrez Diana never went home! But of course, neither did I. But I’m a guy. I don’t care if I wear the same thing all day long. Diana was hard at work even after I left. I left at 7:30ish. She was networking, rubbing elbows, showing off the building, and otherwise being proud of her new family.

Franny Ah yes – Steve Collins’ assistant, Franny Lopez. I think she put on some different eyeliner, but that was it. She stayed right on through until the event was fully underway.

But here’s the one that really cracked me up. The Goodwin Group were ALL still in their office working! By the way Cathy, thanks for the use of the camera. 🙂

 The Goodwin Group 

But what about at “go time?” How did things look then? Well, see for yourself. Remember our break room, training room, conference room, and reception area?

Training Room 2 Here’s the training room. Yeah, it’s full. The hard thing to believe is that it got FULLER (is that a word?). There were over 1,000 people in attendance last night. It was nothing short of phenomenal. There were even 2 guitarist’s tucked into a corner way in the back. Here, let me show you —

Guitarists These guys rocked out. They were singing and playing a kind of quick flamenco. You can’t really tell from this picture, but these guys were really into it. It was great. I don’t know who they were but they did a great job!

There was a chocolate fountain as well. I did not get to even tastse it. I’m on this particular eating plan that doesn’t allow that. I have to watch my girlish figure, you know? The chocolate fountain wasn’t the only temptation though. There were servers walking around with platters of marinated shrimp (I may have had 1 or 9 of those), marinated chicken (one of those made Glenn Clarke’s wife cry), and these little stuffed bellpepper things with mushrooms in them. I don’t really like mushrooms, so that wasn’t a temptation.

Reception Area 2 Yes, that is Mark Willis with Craig’s dad. I was happy to see Mark there. That guy is amazing. Did you know that he can remember anyone’s name, their spouses name, their children’s names, the dogs name, and what their favorite cereal is? Ok, it’s not that good – but he’s a stud with names!

Cubicle Area 2 Here’s the cubicle area you saw before. That’s the guy who stood in that little cubicle area the whole night. I’ll tell you, that guy was awesome. He was serving wine like nobody’s business. And can you imagine how busy he was with over 1,000 real estate type people there with FREE wine?

Craig Looking Good Look at Craig. He cleans up kinda nice, huh? This is him at about 5:30. How Craig Owen, who is infamous for reinventing “realtor time,” made it home and back in like an hour is beyond me, but he did it!

But now what you’ve all been waiting for – the ribbon cutting! This ribbon cutting celebrates an unbelievable journey for Craig, his staff, and the agents of Keller Williams who stuck with Craig as he fought tooth and nail to take an office that was floundering, change the culture and standards, and redefine real estate in San Antonio.

Short Speech This is moments before the cutting. Craig was thanking the ALC and staff (Russ, David, Tina, Kim P, Kim B, Patty, Nancy, Anna, etc) for being an intricate part of the success!

The Cut Mark and Craig doing the honors.

cut.jpg And here it is – Official!

I don’t think that this could have been anymore successful a turnout. The support shown by the community was beyond belief. Stewart Title, Perma Pier, W.R. Starkey, Fidelity National Title (I finally got to meet the awesome girls that I always bug on the phone), and Newmark Homes – thank you, sincerely!

I am providing a link to my Picasa album so that you can view all the pictures at your leisure – Picasa Web Album.

Everyone have a super weekend!

Dustin Curlee


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