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Posted: November 5, 2007 in General
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Tina Morales – Director of Agent Services…and I would add Extraordinaire. What does this job title mean, really?

From an MREA “Job Description” kind of a standpoint it means that Tina is the one who is responsible for making sure that new agents paperwork is done (correctly, mind you – that is a task in and of itself), turned in to all the appropriate hierarchy; she is responsible for many elements of their training (Camp 443), and setting them up with everything that they need to function. She is also in charge of TREC and SABOR legistics.

Ok, now let’s talk about the larger, more day-to-day, craziness that is a silent part of her job description. On Tina’s name plate it should say, “Provider of Answers.” How many of us stop Tina in the hall, barge in through her door Hi Jerry…(Man, am I guilty of that!), interrupt her break outside, call her (on the office line or otherwise), and generally just bark questions and commands during a normal business day? If she had a dime for everytime this kind of a thing happened…well, let’s just say that she’d no longer have to work at KW. This would be Tina –

Ahhh yes

Now, we all know that being a Provider of Answers is expected in the job description. It is organic, inherent, and essential. But you have to understand something – the answers are expected to be given ON THE SPOT by the one asking the question. Real estate agents are NOT known for their patience. In fact, most Realtors® are high D (that would be me) and I (this would be like a Kathy King of The Owen Group) personalities. These personality types aren’t typically the most relaxed folks…especially lead agents within a real estate firm.

But Tina’s organic job description doesn’t stop with Provider of Answers. Another sub-title would be “Craig’s ‘Go To’ Person.” Yes, Craig has more than one “go to” person. Kim Bridgforth (I will give her crazy kudo’s soon enough) is his main assistant. However, Craig has any number of people to call at the office when he needs something done. And when Craig wants something done – it better get done!!! I would bet you that Tina could tell some really funny stories about phone calls, e-mails, and text pages that she has received from Craig demanding that a certain task be completed within the next 30 seconds and a detailed report be given for how said task was accomplished. Is this too demanding a thing on Craig’s part? No, of course not! Part of what makes Craig so successful is his personality. But it isn’t the easiest thing to deal with at times. 😉

Yet another organic job title would be “Tina can do everything.” Ok, here is confession time for me. Forgive me for I have bugged Tina I am one of those people that comes in and says, “Tina, can you _____________ (insert odd request)?” If I only did this like, I don’t know, once a month or something, then it wouldn’t be so bad. But I bug Tina…often. She is always so gracious. Tina, if possible, comes through for me. Now, as big a dork as I am, and as much of a pest as I am, if Tina comes through for me then I know that she comes through for others as well.

Another job title for Tina should be “Assistant to Everyone.” Be honest – how many of you ask Tina for a form, document, JPEG, password, code, key, sign, lockbox, CBS code, e-mail address, phone number, time and date of something, ad infinitum, at any given point in the day? If you do, then give her a big ‘ol hug (ask first) for accomplishing the task. She does a lot.

Just last week I was walking through the hall to turn in a Bluesheet to the MCA (I will get to those folks too). Who do I see rushing down the hall with a bundle of water for a class that Craig was teaching? Tina! Look –

H2 Oooooo look at her go

She’s awesome. She’s amazing. And she’s so sweet. Tina has even given me rides home when I was stranded for whatever reason. Again, I drive – but she was super willing to wait for me.

Stop by and say thank you to Tina. Get her a card and show your appreciation for all of the behind the scenes stuff that is done in order for our office to run smoothly. I know that I need to do this more often. Shower these folks in accolades. They really do deserve it!

Dustin Curlee

  1. Tina is awesome!!! Tina was the first staff member that greeted me with open arms when I transferred from RE.MAX to KW. She helped me so much and her attitude and dedication has never changed. Everytime I walk into her office she say’s “How can I help you Sweetie?” and she is very sincere in helping. Thanks Tina!!

  2. Paula Schuler says:

    And I thought she was amazing before I read your article! I have never been able to hang around the office a whole lot, and now I am serving as assistant to Joe Barfield Group, but when I first signed on as a new Realtor, Tina and Patty … their smiles were incredibly reassuring and welcoming. Really everyone was, but truly, Tina and Patty are like…well, triage nurses! 🙂

  3. karen jones says:

    Tina is great! The most fantastic thing is that she does it ALL with a smile!!! (No matter what!)
    Attitude is everything in customer service & she’s really GOT IT!!!!
    Karen J

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