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Posted: November 6, 2007 in General

Quit buggin An interesting thing has happened as I have done preparation for this series of blog articles on the Keller Williams staff.  I have realized that I am quite the pest! As you may have read yesterday, I bug Tina fairly often about various types of things. Then today as I got ready to write about Patty Alcala, the same types of events that happen to Tina, where I am concerned, happen to Patty as well. Man, this is kinda depressing for me. Onward I press!

Patty Alcala Patty Alcala – Records Administrator, formerly one of the Directors of New Agent Services, formerly a Director of First Impressions, and nicknamed by me as P Diddy!

Patty has moved around quite a bit within the company. Her talents were noticed, employed, and are constantly being refined through training and hardwork. In her current position she in charge of…you ready for this?…all of the active listings, seller/buyer contracts, and closed files within the company. Ok, just so you can grasp a taste of the magnitude of this you need to realize that we have (I’m fairly certain) about 440 agents here at the Heritage office.

Can you even imagine trying to deal with errors in even a fraction of what must pass over her desk in any given DAY? Ok, let’s say, for example, that I bring a transaction to the MCA office with the Bluesheet, etc. I drop it off in that cool little box that they have outside of Patty’s office. I log it in as a new transaction. Patty has to enter all of that mess into a computer, create an actual file for the transaction, coordinate the legistics of what goes on beyond that, and function as a help for Nancy and Anna making sure that DA’s (Disbursement Authorizations) are given out in a timely fashion. Maybe Britney had a position like Patty’s, and that’s why she flipped out?!

 Oops…I went crazy! Maybe not! Whatever.

Hard at work The reason that I said earlier that I am seeing a pattern in my being a Grade A, #1 award winning, first class pest to the staff is because when I thought of what a day for Patty must be like I came into the picture. For instance, (and I’m hoping that you may do these things too) if Patty were to use a clicker in order to count my visits to her office for a DA update, to get a lost Seller’s Disclosure from a file, find out about a Bluesheet error, or whatever, she’d have arthritis in her fingers from the amount of clicks. I’m serious! Gosh, I really have to check myself before P Diddy goes gangsta on me.

And even though Patty’s job is utterly insane, she still finds time to be festive, active in a lot of KW Happy Halloween functions, and an absolutely invaluable tool in the success of this Keller Williams office. Just look at her smile. Not too long. Ok, quit. She’s married and has a son who is taller than her (although that’s not hard – Patty is only like 5’3 – don’t tell her I said that 🙂 ).

Here she is with Craig Owen, Kim Perry (just wait Craig Owen, Kim Perry, Mark Willis ’till I get to her – woah), and Mark Willis.

Patty, thank you! From all of us here at Keller Williams who I know feel the same way about the job that you do as I do – thank you. You make things happen. You do a fantastic job. You are patient and gracious. We really appreciate all the things that go unseen that you do. You rock – fo shizzle my nizzle (that’s hood talk that P Diddy and I know).

Here again is my reminder KW people — Let Patty know that you appreciate her. She deserves it. Stop in and say thank you. Pat her on the back. Buy her a donut or a taco or something. Was that weird? I don’t know what she likes for breakfast.

Dustin Curlee

  1. karen jones says:

    Dustin! I agree that Patty is A # 1! Awesome, fun blog!

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