KW Staff – Uh oh, Kim Perry

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Keller Williams Staff

Ok, look at this nice, serene, quiet picture of Kim Perry – New Agent Coordinator.

Quiet Kim Perry Isn’t that nice and special?

Ok, don’t be fooled. Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s professional. Yes, she does a good job. However, Kim Perry is anything but serene and quiet. 😉 But this is precisely why we love her so much. I’ll talk more about that later.

Kim, like Tina Morales, is a New Agent Coordinator. Or, New Agent Services Coordinator. I can’t remember which is right. I could call her and ask, but I already did. If I called back to ask she would make fun of me. I stay away from mockery.

Kim is responsible for processing in all of the new agents. She helps deal with all of the paperwork here within our office for inprocessing, all of the SABOR stuff, MLS dues, business cards, name tags, office name plates, giving out new signs, lockboxes, and riders. She helps keep track of all of the inventory that we have on signs and all of that too. There’s this huge room right across from her office with all of that stuff in there.

I’m not sure if Kim is still David’s (Jones) assistant or not. If she is, add all of that job title and the duties entailed therein to her daily “have to do’s.” David is organized and what not, but he’s still David.

But, like the other staff members here, Kim is a team player. Kim helps with EVERYTHING. Again, I hate to have to admit this, but Kim is very used to me going into her office (unannounced), asking a series of questions, expecting immediate answers, and then I run back out. It’s very similar to a tornado or a hurricane.

How many other folks out there are guilty of this? How many times in a day do you think Kim has to Tornado Dustin deal with us doing things like this? The only difference between Kim and the other staff members is that Kim is not…well, what’s the word – submissive? 🙂

Kim will tell you exactly what she thinks, when she’s thinking it, and in the tone of voice she is thinking it in. So although she probably gets just as many interruptions during the day, I would imagine that she does a better job of instructing the agent on just how to accomplish their own mission. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone in, asked a question, and gotten this kind of a look –

You did NOT just ask me that! Don’t be embarrassed if you began to shake. It’s ok. It’s a natural result of “the stare.” After I get this look I usually get a response that goes something like this – Now I know that you didn’t just ask me that same stupid question, did you? Come on Boo – you know what to do. Get on outta here and get this done on ya own!” What do I do? I go get it done! Weird, huh?

This boldness is a part of Kim’s charm. It really is. Craig and I were in the gym one morning, oh, probably about 2 weeks ago, and he brought up Kim. He said that if it weren’t for her making him laugh so hard, he’d get upset at how candid she is sometimes. I laughed out loud right in the middle of the gym. This is just Kim.

Another side of Kim is her fun loving, carefree, crazy side that you just can’t help but Hi - I’m Kim!love.
She makes you laugh. She really does. She’s one of those kinds of people that no matter what kind of mood you are in (negative), she will walk right up and MAKE you get out of the bad mood.

Kim Perry - we love her. We are so thankful to Kim Perry for all of her hardwork. Like Craig said the other morning, and I quote, “Kim is such a valuable part of our team.” It’s true!

Go give Kim a hug. Warn her first. You don’t want to get kicked or punched or something. She can be a little hood from time to time. Kim, you know I say that in love girl.  Stop by and say thank you to her. If you see her in the hall (or hear her all the way down the hall even if your door is closed 😉 ), then jump out and tell her what an awesome job she does.

Aren’t we blessed to have the staff that we do?

Dustin Curlee


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