Closing Escrow – the movie!

Posted: November 13, 2007 in General
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I am telling you right now that only a real estate agent will appreciate this movie, Closing Escrow. If a Buyer or Seller were to watch it, unless they had an incredibly mild manner and were not easily offended, then this movie will make them feel…well, goofy! Watch the trailer —

I was told by Richard Zepeda to watch this. I looked it up online and found the reviews to be less than stellar. But, of course, the reviews were not written by real estate agents. The reviews were written by movie “critics.” That is much like a real estate agent watching a movie solely based upon the vocation of gynecology from the Gynecologist’s perspective, and then writing a review that says something like, “I just don’t get it. This movie was very stupid. You won’t like it.” Of course a real estate agent wouldn’t like it. It has nothing to do with them.

This movie has EVERYTHING to do with real estate, real estate agents, and the real estate industry. I will tell you that there were parts that made me, quite literally, laugh out loud.

For instance, the part where the pretty, preppy, upper class, yuppie, white Buyers agent goes off on the unsuspecting Sellers agent about the plantation shutters because her clients are African American made me laugh hysterically. The Buyers are standing there like, “Um, why are you trippin?”

Then there is a scene in the clip where you see a Buyers agent standing at a home with his clients. He is trying to get into the house to show the clients. If you notice though, he is not using the Supra located on the door handle. He is actually sliding a credit card down the crack of the door in order to get in. Why, you may ask? Watch the movie!

Here’s another clip of the yuppie, upper class, Buyers agent —

If you are like me, then you are wondering whether or not the movie is clean enough to watch. I am extremely particular in what I watch, what my wife watches, and what I allow our daughter to watch. In fact, we pretty much stay away from anything more than G rated movies because the content is so anti-God, culture driven, and amoral. We screen all of our movies on Screen It. That’s an awesome site! It is an objective, non Christian based, website that will count every profane word, every scene of sensuality/nudity/obscenity, and so forth.

Anyway, Closing Escrow is totally clean. There isn’t one single cuss word in the movie. There is absolutely no nudity or allusions of sexual immorality. It is just a movie about the insanity of the real estate industry. It’s great!

Now, if you do go watch it then I’m asking you to come back here and comment on what you thought. I want to know if I am just that goofy of a person that I enjoyed this thing (uh oh, that would put Richard in the same boat), or if it really is that funny.


  1. Richard Zepeda says:

    The part where the Seller gets a great offer and then decides not to sell .. that is so real. How many times has that happened to us?

  2. Meghan Pelley says:

    I’ve always said that they need a movie or some kind of reality show about the Real Estate profession. Sometimes I think we all must be crazy or saints to be in this business, an finally someone made a movie about all our insanity. It kind of reminds me of th Best in Show movie with all those dog people that take themselves WAY to seriously. As always DustyB, you’ve given us great content. Keep of the good work!

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