KW Staff – Kim Bridgforth

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Keller Williams Staff

Kim Bridgforth Kim Bridgforth – Director of Operations

The question you need to ask yourself is this – What does the word “operations” mean? Loosely defined, people would say that “operations” means the “goings-on” of a company. You know, this person is the director of the “goings-on” within the company. Yeah, um, ok.

Take a look at the Google definition – refers to the recurring activities of an organization directed toward producing a product or rendering a service. such activities may include, but are not limited to, marketing, sales, production, purchasing, human resources, finance and accounting, and governmental assistance. There is an appropriate definition, and one that is very fitting for what Kim does.

Now let’s try to define what “Director” means. Am I splitting a gnat’s hair? No, I don’t think so. This is really important if we are going to grasp the fullness of what we are talking about.

Loosely define, “director” would be indicative of a person who handles things. You know, the direct. So were we to combine the loose definitions and rephrase Kim’s job description, we could call her “She who handles the goings-on of the company.” Would this be accurate? It would be. Would it really define what Kim does? Not at all.

The strict definitions for a director all boil down to one idea – big dog! The person who is the director of something is really a chief, of sorts. Would this describe Kim and her role here at Keller Williams? I think so. Kim is a chief, of sorts. Yes, she’s a girl and so she can’t actually be a chief. But you get my point! Sheesh.

Wow – who is that good looking guy on the right? That’s neither here nor there. So, Kim B – Kim, Tina, and Dustin how do you describe what she does? I have really tried to narrow it down to a few things that I can mention. But even the few things that I’m going to mention really do not do justice to what Kim does at Keller Williams.

Kim takes care of so many intricate and crucial things that deal with the huge picture here at Keller Williams, that I feel inadequate to try to gloss over them. She helps the staff – she deals with major issues and the people involved therein – she is Craig’s personal sounding board (mainly when he’s yelling about something) – she’s the “go to” girl for stuff that absolutely has to get done on the spot, ASAP – she coordinates much of the bigtime stuff that happens here at Keller Williams.

Two days after the grand opening Craig and I were at the gym (Craig didn’t show up the day after) and Craig said, “If it weren’t for Kim this office would have never opened.” Could he have paid her any higher a compliment? Could I say anything else here, really, that would outdo that comment? Nope!

Craig and Kim Oh, one more thing that Craig said in conjunction with that other comment. He said, “Kim is by far one of the most intelligent women I have ever met.”

Sidnote – Kim, grab a stick pin, stand near a mirror so that you can see clearly, slowly slide the stick pin into part of your head (preferrably in the hair so that it won’t show), and let some of the ego out. 🙂 I’m kidding.

Come back to earth… In all seriousness, Kim, like our whole staff, does an outstanding job here. Some people say that she can be a little intimidating. It’s a different kind of intimidating than Kim Perry. Kim Bridgforth is more of an “I am use to dealing with Craig Owen, and so you don’t scare me at all” kind of an intimidating. Yeah, dealing with Craig on a daily basis would do that to you.

I hope everyone is taking me seriously when I say to stop by and thank these folks. Ask if you can give them a hug. Take them a small gift – breakfast, a card, a balloon, or something. Let them know that you know that they are awesome!

Dustin Curlee


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