KW Staff – Nancy Higgs

Posted: November 19, 2007 in General

Nancy Higgs Nancy Higgs – Assistant Market Center Administrator

Before I get started on talking about Nancy’s job stuff, I need to let you all know about her little bundle of blessings. Nancy had a baby girl on April 24th. Elle is SO cute. Take a look at this –

Awww, how cute! Isn’t that just adorable? And Nancy, the trooper that she is, was back at work like 2.5 hours after having the baby. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. You get my point though. She was back at work quickly.

In addition to having a baby, she has also gotten married. It happened in the reverse order, but no one ever said that I’m chronologically gifted. Here is a picture of the proud daddy –

 Proud Papa How cute is that? Daddy’s are just big ‘ol softies when it comes to their children. I remember when my daughter Brianan was born. There is a picture of me with long hair, all my tattoos, laying on a bed with Brianan in one arm. We are both asleep. There’s just no looking tough in situations like that.

Anyway, Nancy, we are super happy for you!

Ok, on to the work stuff. Just what does Nancy do? Well, on any one given day she processes more files than most agents do in 5 years. She is responsible for making sure that our agents Disbursement Authorizations are processed. She’s the one that everyone is happy to get an e-mail from with an attachment that says “(Property Address) DA.pdf.”

Let’s analyze the job title for a moment – Assistant Market Center Administrator.

Assistant – Helper of someone else
Market Center – That’s our ENTIRE office of agents
Administrator – Someone who handles what no one else wants to

So, we could really say that Nancy helps take care of every Disbursement Authorization, every file under contract, all the money coming in and out of Keller Williams, keeping the “checkbook” balanced, as it were, and looking at numbers for the Market Center budget and so forth. Can you even imagine all of that? And to think that some days I complain about dealing with a Lender or two?!

It takes a certain personality type to be able to do what Nancy and Anna (That’s her sister, she’s next on my list) do. In the midst of a hail storm of agents yelling, screaming, throwing stuff, and constantly complaining, they seem to always keep their cool. But behind closed doors I would imagine that they give each other an ear full about all of us. 🙂 I would.

Do you remember the picture at the beginning of the this post? Remember that skinny girl in the aqua (teal – whatever) colored shirt? This is her now –

Momma and Elle

If you’re thinking, “Hmm, that girl looks just as thin as the first picture,” then you’re right. Isn’t that ridiculous? I don’t know how certain people stay so thin. If I get near food I gain the weight that no one else does.

Stop by Nancy and Anna’s office and say thank you. I’m encouraging you to do so. She deserves it. If it weren’t for the MCA office we would all be in a world of hurt.

Dustin Curlee


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