Real Estate Video Tours

Posted: November 26, 2007 in General
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The technology industry never slows down, does it? For instance, how many of you have seen the video “Did you know – Shift Happens?” Take a second to watch this –

That’s amazing to me. I have been in this business for 8 short years. I have seen the industry change dramatically. I remember when Visual Tours (Virtual Tours) first came out. It took everyone by storm. To think that someone could stitch pictures together, add some colorful wording, have a picture tour of a property, and even be able to download that to disk was just unheard of. It added value to our services as agents.

But the industry did not stop with Visual Tours. Suddenly people started realizing that they could make their own short video clips, upload them to the web, play them on You Tube, and show their clients that they were one step ahead of the game. Again, this added great value to the agent. But the industry didn’t stop there either.

Now there are companies who will do video tours for you. They actually go to the home, take incredible video, clean everything up, put it in an unbelievable format, add music and voice over, and then put it on the web. They even have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities so that your videos are seen more often than other people’s videos.

One vendor to take a look at is Nashua Video Tours. Prices vary from $100-$300. But when you look at what is done for you, it becomes worth the price. Another vendor is REVIS (Real Estate Video Imaging Systems). Pricing is about the same, but the quality is going to be decided upon by you. Then there’s newer Virtual Tour sites like Real Post USA. These folks take your existing pictures, clean them up, stitch them together, and make a visual tour for you that is far better than you can do yourself. Then it is placed on about 27 syndicate sites for maximum exposure.

Time =¬†Money¬†Time is money. That’s the bottom line. And so whatever can save you time will, in the grand scheme of things, end up saving (and making) you money. When you are out doing what you do best, and letting other people do what they do best for you, then you are out accomplishing what made you money to begin with.

If you know of any other sites out there that do good real estate video tours, please let me know. Share them with us. I’d greatly appreciate it.



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