On the hunt – you looking for a job?

Posted: December 10, 2007 in General, Virtual Assistant
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Well, I cannot believe how quickly this transaction management service has taken off. When I started this a little over 9 weeks ago, I had a 1 year plan that projected a certain rate of growth. I have outdone that projection by a great deal. This is a good thing. Growth is good. But whenever there is growth, growing pains come with that!

Remember them? Remember that show? How funny!

Anyway, as a reminder, here is a list of some of the things I do as a Transaction Manager1. Fill out and turn in the Bluesheet and all relevant paperwork to the MCA
2. Change statuses (if listing side) in MLS and CSS, close out after completion of transaction
3. Input all information into my webbased site (www.mykwtransaction.com)
4. Send a username and password to you, the agent – the client and Title Company
5. Give weekly updates to the agent via text, e-mail, and/or phone
6. Give weekly updates to the client
7. Remind agent of option dates ending
8. Draw up Amendments, Lease Backs, etc, and get signatures & turn in to MCA and Title Co
9. Track all communication with all parties via website
10. Stay in contact with Lender for loan updates and document package going to Title Co
11. Send out a series of letters to client from contract date to close
12. Schedule closings
13. Turn in HUD and Walk Thru to MCA after closing
14. Send out an end of the year HUD letter

But most importantly, I advocate YOU the agent through the whole process. Every time I make a phone call I say, “Hi Mr/Mrs. Client, (agent’s name) wanted me to call you about…” And remember, there’s more, but this is a short bullet list of things I accomplish. Another benefit to you, the agent, is that you receive a PLP/PBP (Pre Listing Package, Pre Buyer Package) sheet with a short bio and pictures of my staff and I. This gives you value proposition to the client. It sets you a part.

Because of the level of service I have given, I have outgrown my own projected growth. So now I’m looking for an assistant. Might that be you?

I need you! What does it mean that I need an assistant? Well, it’s fairly simple. I need someone like me – minus the insanity and high tendencies for dominance. 🙂

I am looking for someone who can see my vision for Keller Williams and the services that I provide. I am looking for someone who will take ownership – and receive ownership in the company. I am looking for someone who knows the business; preferrably licensed. The job will entail data entry, answering phones, understanding transaction coordination, an ability to hire/fire, and managerial skills. Is that you? If so, come by and talk to me (office #308).

My bottom line is client service. I will not allow the service to the client (agent or buyer/seller) to suffer. So before I get to the point where I am too busy to handle what I’ve received, I’m going to get someone else on my team.

Dustin Curlee


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