KW Staff – Anna Velazquez

Posted: December 17, 2007 in General

Anna Velazquez Anna Velazquez – Market Center Administator

I looked up “Superstud” in the dictionary online. Weird – it’s not in there. So I’m going to have to make up my own definition.

Superstud – adj: of or having to do with superceding normal stud status; exceeding the level of typical studliness, i.e. Anna Velazques is a superstud in the Keller Williams office.

How’s that? Pretty good, huh? I like the definition. It is very appropo. And those of you who have worked here for any length of time, understand what goes on behind the scenes of an MCA office, or know Anna, know that this definition is true. I’ve had the honor of knowing Anna for a number of years now. In fact, I’ve known her, I think, since 2002. It may even be beore then. At any rate, I have seen that girl grow intensely. She does such an outstanding job.

Ok, so I have to point out something that should be obvious. Notice her job title – Market Center Administrator. Look again…do you see? It doesn’t say Market Center Administration, as though she only had a partial role in our market center and its administrational (is that a word?) duties. The title does, in fact, say Administator. Isn’t that intense? I know that I’ve stated this before, but it needs to be stated again; there are over 450 agents in our market center. Added to this number are the assistants working for the agents of teams and groups. Added to that are the staff. Added to that are vendors. All in all I’d say that Anna is responsible for over 500 people in many ways.

Awww, cute! She still finds time to be a fiancee and mommy. She’s awesome!

Here’s the deal folks, I’ve been to a lot of boot camps for Keller Williams. You know what those are right? They are the big get togethers in Austin where the top dogs from all over the place do training for things like listing management, lead agents, buyers agents, and then there is running an MCA office. Well, I’ve been to the MCA course. I sat through it one time just to see what it would be like to run a market center. I was in the class for 2 days and just sat there overwhelmed. It’s way too much to put on here, I’ll tell you that.

A night on the town Yes, I have revealed the true identity of Anna and her family. Now we all know why she does such a good job. If she were a mere mortal then the kudos would flow far more freely than they do now. But she is, however, a superstud, remember?

Hot hot hot Yeah girl, we know you’re hot! Get on witcha bad self and flaunt it.

I’m wondering if anyone has stopped and said hi to any of these folks I’ve written about. I wonder if anyone has said thank you. I know that I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails from people affirming what I’ve written. But I could care less about that. What I’m really interested in is seeing fruits of my labor. In other words, GO SAY THANK YOU. Stop by and show appreciation to these hard working people here at Keller Williams. They truly deserve it. And Anna, we love you!

Dustin Curlee


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