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Beating a dead horse

Posted: January 22, 2008 in General
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Beating a dead horse

I have an unbelievably great example of a Lender snafoo (snafu – depending on your preference of spelling). Here’s how it went —

I received the contract 3 1/2 weeks ago. I called and introduced myself to the Lender on that same day. My question to the Lender, which is the same question I always ask on Day 1, was, (after introducing myself) “How do these Buyer’s look on their loan app? Is this one that we should watch closely, or do you think they are good to go?” I was assured at this point that the loan was a “breeze.” Wind definitely had something to do with it.

My next question in the course of this same conversation was, “That’s great. Do they have everything to you already or are you still missing items that you need?” (more…)


Ok, so the last time I blogged I vented a little about my frustrations with Lenders – especially as of late. Since then I have done a little homework, asked a few questions, and dealt with some more headaches. Here it goes –

1. Conditions –

Who has dealt with a situation where it is a day before closing, the Lender has told you previously that everything was “good to go,” you talk to the clients and let them know that their scheduled closing looks golden, only to find out about 24 hours before the closing time that there is a “condition?”

Sarah Lee Edwards, with Re/Max had this to say:

Which isn’t always a true benefit to the buyer when they come to closing and find out they needed to bring a couple extra thousand to the closing table…. (more…)

I am aware that this post is very much like walking on the proverbial egg shells. Or, it’s like walking on quick sand. Um, I can’t think of any other nifty adages. The point is that I know that this post may ruffle some feathers. But I’m writing this in hopes that maybe someone can give me answers, or at least post their thoughts.

Lenders…thoughts anyone!!! Lenders – does anyone else have issues with these professional business people and/or those involved in this industry?

Now, before I have every Lender who reads this hitting “Post a Comment” and then typing out every explitive that comes to mind, let me give a short caveat – THERE ARE SOME GREAT LENDERS. I worked with a guy named Chris with Bank of America one time. He was in Dallas. I couldn’t call that guy quick enough before he was calling or e-mailing me with an update. It was incredible. (more…)

Transaction Fee – Revisited

Posted: January 7, 2008 in General

When I first started doing Transaction Coordination here at Keller Williams, I blogged about how to charge a transaction fee to the client (see HERE). I had quite a few agents come to my office and say two things –

1. I use to charge a transaction fee, but I quit. I am now going to start charging one again.

2. I’ve never heard of that before. That’s a great idea and I totally see the value in it.

And since that time those same agents (the one who said #2) have come to my office with transactions for me to do and stated that the transaction fee was a no brainer to the client. (more…)

The more I do transaction management, the more I realize just how many snags there are that can hold up a closing.

Glitches And the strange thing is that many, if not most, agents out there do not realize that they are overlooking a potential deal killer. I will give 1 example that I find to be the most prominent. Keep in mind that this is just one example. There are a bunch! (more…)

Ok, I’m back now!

Posted: January 3, 2008 in General, Virtual Assistant

Wow – what an incredible month December was. Isn’t it supposed to be one of the slowest times of the year? This was not the case for me. In fact, December was one of my busiest months to date. And since I have seen a steady increase in my Transaction Coordination services here at Keller Williams, I had to hire an assistant.

Let me introduce you to Holly Hammon –

Holly Hammon Holly is the pretty one on the left. 🙂 That’s Doug, her husband, on her right. Some of you reading this blog may say to yourself, “Self, Holly looks familiar.” There is a reason why Holly may look familiar. (more…)