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Diana Montemayor Diana Montemayor is seeking part time employment within Keller Williams. She is trained in MLS, CSS, Realtor.Com, and data entry for various other websites.

She has been working for Cathy Naiser up to date, but Cathy has grown and is now seeking a full time employee. So, this means that someone here can now take advantage of Diana’s expertise. You know that if I’m putting my stamp of approval on her then she must be pretty good!

She is also bilingual. That’s huge. If I had the revenue right now, I’d hire her.

Here is her resume for employment – Diana Montemayor.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the HOA stuff. I e-mailed the president of Pr…um, Cro Pomm. I haven’t heard anything back.

Have a great weekend.

Dustin Curlee


Here is the typical data entry on any normal listing:

  • MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • CSS (Centralized Showing Services)
  • KWLW (Keller Williams Listing Service)
  • KW Showcase (KW personal magazine)
  • Realtor.Com (showcase package, if applicable)
  • Personal website (if applicable)
  • Secondary Site (Craig’s List, Trulia, Zillow)

That is a lot But this is just the tip of the iceberg. (more…)

HOA – Hidden Fees

Posted: February 26, 2008 in General
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Peek-a-boo This may be old news to some of you, but it certainly wasn’t to our client. It was a total SHOCK!

Last Thursday once of the agents that I work for had a closing. I showed up at the Title Company for a totally different reason than this particular agents closing, but I happen to be there nonetheless. Suddenly the door opened up where they were closing and the agent says, “Dustin, come here! I need an answer.” Needless to say I was taken aback and wondering what the issue was.

When I walked into the closing room I saw a very disgruntled client and an agent looking at me like, “Um, what in the world is this???” He pointed at the HUD Statement to line 1305. Guess what was there – a fee from our beloved management company in the amount of $315.00 charged to the Seller. (more…)

HOA – the saga continues

Posted: February 21, 2008 in General
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Are you ready for the next installment? This gets good.

I’m all ears

So yesterday, if you remember, I posted a letter that I wrote to a local management company about the Texas Property Code’s language about days that the company had to deliver docs to the agent or owner. Well, I received an e-mail back late yesterday afternoon. It was less than cordial, if you could imagine.

In a nutshell it said that they are doing us the favors, they have 10 business days, or else it wouldn’t be posted that way (that almost made me laugh), and that she didn’t appreciate my not appreciating all of her hard work. Hm! I responded with a short reply that said, basically, the “favors” being done for us were breaking the law, that Pr…I mean, this management company was infamous for their unprofessionalism, and that I wanted an answer as to how they can change the law’s wording. (more…)

You guys are really going to like this. This is AWESOME!

Look at this page of the Property Code:

Property Code (Yes, you will have to click on it to read it)

Go to section 207.003. Here is what it says: (more…)

Although I could continue on lamenting about the numerous headaches, heartaches, and paycheck aches that Lenders cause all of us, I thought I’d derail for a moment and discuss management companies again. Do you remember when I talked about them? I talked about my pseudo company – Cro Pomm! Yuck!

Blah - Yuck - Horrid - Ick The perpetual high blood pressure caused management companies continues. Here’s the thing, if you have a listing that goes under contract, but you never requested the check for the resale docs upfront, then chances are getting the HOA docs to the Buyer’s agent within the alloted time given per the contract will probably be an unbelievably tight squeeze – if it even happens at all.

And here is my suggestion for the week – GET THE CHECK FOR THE RESALE DOCS UPFRONT.

Pllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase If you explain what the resale docs are at the listing appointment then the Seller has no problem giving you a check for these documents. I know this is true. Ask Pat King of The Owen Group. I worked for Pat for over 4 years. Every single time he came back with a new listing, inside the folder would be a check with the management companies name on it, the amount filled in, and a signature. I had a file that I stuck these into. Once the home went under contract I would order the resale docs and have the check ready for payment.

Why is this a big deal? Well, if the resale docs are not ordered in time, then they won’t be delivered in time. If the resale docs are not delivered in time, then the Buyer’s can back out of the contract WHENEVER they want. I explained all of this HERE. Some of you will say, “So what! All I have to do is ask for the check when the property goes under contract.” This is true. But as I explain in the previous blog entry, the reality of your Seller bringing the check in time for you to get it to the management company so that they will even START the order is a slim chance. What’s more, it’s an inconvenience to the Seller that makes you look somewhat unprofessional.

One company out there – Pro Comm – is, quite possibly, the worst management company in existence today. We have a client right now that is reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Yes, they are that bad. Although Texas Property Code says that they have 10 days to get the docs done from the time of order, that doesn’t mean that 10 days from the actual date that you ordered the docs you will receive them. What that means is that 10 business days is what they have to finish the order. Do you see how that can be a problem?

All I’m saying is that the Seller will appreciate knowing about all of this upfront, and they will have no problem writing you a check for these documents. They’d have to do this no matter what.

Now, there are some agents out there who will order documents, get them, make copies of them, and then just reuse the copies. This is illegal! It is also dishonest to the client because the documents that you may be giving them aren’t up to date. Thus, you are giving them false information.

Ok, so there was my derail from Lenders. I may not even pick back up with the Lender woes. They are too numerous.

Have a super day!