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Posted: February 28, 2008 in General, Virtual Assistant
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Here is the typical data entry on any normal listing:

  • MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  • CSS (Centralized Showing Services)
  • KWLW (Keller Williams Listing Service)
  • KW Showcase (KW personal magazine)
  • Realtor.Com (showcase package, if applicable)
  • Personal website (if applicable)
  • Secondary Site (Craig’s List, Trulia, Zillow)

That is a lot But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is also the website for Visual Tours (this is a drawn out process that is very time consuming), Postlets (a syndicate site that publishes your listing in about 12 other syndicate sites), a personal blog (if you have one), and any other number of sites available for free marketing.

But this isn’t all. We all know that a seller expects flyers (color and black & white), some sort of follow up with the showings on the property, a sign, a lockbox, copies of the documents, and just a lot of ATTENTION – generally.

Now, previous to the data entry is the picture taking. There are typically 16 stills for the various websites, and an unbelievable amount of panoramic shots for the visual tour. But wait, that isn’t all (sounds like a commercial huh?)! Previous to the picture taking is a staging consultation. Any agent worth their commission stages a home. Staging takes time.

Here’s my point, a listing is one of the most time consuming things an agent has to do. This is why so many agents hire a Listing Manager before they hire for any other position. And any agent who has ever had to hire a listing manager knows that it is a CRITICAL position. If the listing manager does not pay attention to detail, care a great deal about what they are doing, or is just not good at the job, then your referall based business suffers tremendously. There’s nothing worse than an agent getting a call from a client because data entry was done wrong – like wrong amount of bedrooms, wrong address, wrong subdivision, etc.

So the agent who hires a listing manager needs to make sure that they hire a really good one. Here I am:

Dustin Curlee I’m the devastatingly handsome one on the right!

Yes, we are now offering listing management. For $195 we will do ALL of the data entry, maintain showing feedback, give you and the client weekly status calls, send you a JPEG of an awesome flyer, upload all the listing documents to our personal website, and ensure your repeat business.

We offer one other package for $270. This will include all of the above – PLUS we will take out the sign and lockbox, have our photographer stage the home and take all the pictures (stills and visual tour), build the visual tour and upload it to all sites; if the transaction stays with us when it an offer is negotiated then we take $50 off on the transaction management side. But most important – we make you look like an absolute star.

Stellar Service Having done listing management for 4.5 years for The Owen Group, I know what I’m doing. My track record is stellar. I am used to juggling anywhere from 25-35 listings at one time.

Stop by my office, e-mail me, or call if you have any questions. And remember, if you charge the seller a transaction fee then all of our services (from listing management to close) are covered. You get us for FREE!

Have an awesome day,

Dustin Curlee


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