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Posted: March 4, 2008 in General, Virtual Assistant
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By now most of you know that, in addition to our transaction services here at Keller Williams, we (Turn Key Operations) are now offering a listing management service. Part of that listing management includes taking still pictures for MLS, Realtor.Com, and various other websites. We all know how time consuming doing the visual tours can be.Remember, as the agent you are supposed to be taking care of the 20% that takes you to the top – while you outsource the 80% so that you can focus on the 20%. Part of that 80% includes the following:

  • Drive time to a home in order to take visual tour pictures
  • Staging the home for the pictures and the visual tour
  • Taking stills for various websites
  • Taking panoramics for the visual tour
  • Drive time back to the office
  • Uploading all of the photos from the camera to your computer
  • Delineating the various pictures so that uploading the all the websites is manageable
  • Uploading the stills to MLS, Realtor.Com, your personal website, KW.Com, KWLS, etc
  • Uploading the panoramics to the visual tours software
  • Stitching all of the panoramics
  • Editing certain sequences
  • Uploading the finalized visual tour to the web
  • Going into the visual tour website and personalizing the visual tour you just uploaded
  • Adding hot spots to the tour
  • Taking the link to your new tour and adding it to the myriad of websites

If you are saying, “Wow – that really is a lot of time!”, then you are right. And that is definitely part of the 80% that you should be outsourcing rather than doing.

Now, I know that some of you are going to say, “But Dustin, I really like doing the visual tours.” That’s awesome. I really like staying at home. I also really like going to Starbuck’s and reading all day. And while here at the office, I really like to walk around and just chat with the agents. But do these particular things make me money? Well, yes and no!

Networking with agents does make me money in that I have an opportunity to remind the agents about my services, squash any fears that they may have about what we do, clear up misperceptions about fees and so forth, and just shake hands with them too. But is this my 20%? No! My 20% is “knocking out the details” (that’s my slogan for my business – TKO – cool huh?) for the agent so that they let other people know what a stellar job that we do. My 20% is streamlining this office so that nothing is missed. My 20% is researching new ways to do an even better job. And doing my 20% takes care of the 80% because the other agents are going around telling their co-workers what an awesome job we are doing. Now I’m having agents come to me and say, “(Fill in a name) told me that your service really helped him/her and were incredible.”

That’s why we are here – to take care of your 80%.

So, if you’d like to have us take care of your visual tours for you, but not actually do the listing, then that’s fine. Come talk to me. I have hired a photographer who was in real estate with one of the top teams at Keller William’s. He does all of my tours and photos. He knows staging techniques and does a fantastic job. And I promise you that we will do this service for you far more economically than any other provider that I’ve come across.

You can also stop by and talk to me about my other services – listing management and transaction coordination. So far 26 of your fellow Keller William’s agents have come to experience what being freed of the 80% does for your business.

Have a super day!

Dustin Curlee


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