Just some thoughts…part deux

Posted: March 25, 2008 in General, Uncategorized, Virtual Assistant
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So I looked over some of my numbers since starting back in September of ’07. Take a look at this:

September 2007 – acquired 4 deals, none closed

October 2007 – acquired 18 deals, 7 closed

November 2007 – acquired 23 deals, 17 closed

December 2007 – acquired 23 deals, 18 closed

January 2008 – acquired 38 deals, 24 closed

February 2008 – acquired 40 deals, 29 closed

March 2008 – This month hasn’t ended yet and so the numbers aren’t final.

Stellar Service Now, I’m not putting these numbers up so that you can go, “Ooooooooh,” or, “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Here are the numbers I want to put up to make you do that:

Deal that have fallen through out of 146 – 11.

I’m not sure what percentage this makes, but I know that it’s pretty darn good. What’s even more impressive is that NOT ONE OF THEM was because of something I did or did not do.

7 of them were because the Buyers backed out due to lending issues (imagine that), 2 of them fell through due to inspection issues (1 of those listings we had we ended up cancelling), 1 fell through because the seller got cold feet, and 1 of them fell through because the 2 agents couldn’t get the clients to agree on anything about…well, anything. 🙂

So I am batting 100%.

Settlement Room Certified I also became Settlement Room Certified in that amount of time. Now, since then we’ve switched programs. This program was far too slow, expensive, and time consuming. We have started using a new program called Transaction Point. All of our clients love it.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention – listings. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I am faithfully serving 27 agents here at Keller Williams. There are one or two of them that I have a feeling will stop using my services sooner or later. This isn’t because of me. They will stop using me because of a mindset that they have. And this is fine. If hiring an assistant and going that route makes them happier, then that is a good thing. But the rest of “my agents” are very content and have seen the value that I provide.

If you want to know more about what we do…stop by!

Have a super day,

Dustin Curlee


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