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Updates on our services

Posted: April 29, 2008 in General

Hi Family,

Well, there are lots of changes still taking place here at Turn Key Operations, a.k.a. Contract to Close, Sold To Close, and, that guy always stuck on the phone yelling at lenders. ūüôā

1. Rafael has really jumped into the groove. I’m so thankful to Rafael for not being shy about getting his hands dirty. He has already created a tri-fold, finished our Mission and Vision, begun to get to know the agents, and created a new blog site that will have some new menu pricing.

2. Speaking of menu pricing, we are going to add some a la carte services to our menu, although they will be minor. They will, however, be of great value to the agents. Keep your eye out for those.

3. Holly will be taking on some more responsibilities. She has just recently passed her 90 day review. I am SO proud of that girl. She is unbelievable. So, she will be doing a bit more in terms of phone calls, working with the clients, and so forth. If you remember to – encourage her.

Please keep your eyes posted on the blog. I will be putting up our new menu items soon. We will also be passing out some tri-folds. Oh, and before I forget, I will be scheduling a training session for any new agents and our existing clients to teach what it is that we do, refresh our current clients memories, and answer any questions that any of you may have.

Thanks so much for your business,

Dustin Curlee


Well, once again I’ve outgrown my own abilities — AND Holly’s. ūüôā

Gary Keller says in the MREA that if you are continuously feeling small hiccups, as it were, then chances are you have outgrown yourself. And it is at this point that you need to hire talent. But hiring talent isn’t as easy as it sounds. Anyone who has ever hired someone knows that it’s very easy to hold out a mirror and see if any breath fogs it up. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’ve hired talent.

I have hired talent. And I am so excited to introduce my new family member to you. (more…)

A question that was sent to me last night whether or not I was going to actually start a women’s self defense class at Keller Williams. The answer is…yes! And what I will be teaching in this class is what I will write about today because it has to do with my objectives for the blog that I mentioned yesterday.

Environmental Awareness¬†The very first thing I talk with any person (man or woman) about is environmental awareness. If you see a sign that says “Danger: Do Not Enter,” then it’s pretty obvious that there’s some reason, whatever it may be, why you shouldn’t enter that area. If you were to enter that area, then the “Danger,” whatever it is, may bite you in the butt.

I’ll tell you a story – a true story – that happened to me one night. Hopefully it will bring home the point.

Be aware of what\'s going on...¬†I was out and about one night with a friend. It was a Friday around 10pm. We stopped by a local gas station in a nicer part of town. As we pulled up to the gas station I saw 2 guys standing near the side of the gas station. No big deal, right? But I noticed that although they were standing side-by-side like good ‘ol pals, they were not talking. (more…)

Let\'s keep it real...¬†I got A LOT of responses concerning my question about whether or not women’s self defense was important. It was unanimous – Yes, women’s self defense is important.

At this point I feel a responsibility to be very serious. If any of you have read this blog consistently then you know that I like humor. I try to make these blogs readable by using humor comingled with the topic. However, this post will be void of humor. No, I’m serious. Really! Quit pressuring me.

In my years of living in the martial arts world I have found VERY few schools that teach a practical and applicable women’s self defense program. Did you see those 2 words – practical, applicable. These 2 words, by and large, are void in the martial arts world where women’s self defense is concerned. I am not entirely sure why. One could conclude that the school teaching an unrealistic women’s self defense program is either a) Unaware of how a real attack would “go down,” b) Is not versed in how real fighting takes place, or c) Is really more concerned with the contract committing a women to said program vs. really equipping a woman to defend herself. (more…)

A breath of fresh air…

Posted: April 9, 2008 in General

I am going to get back to the self defense blog, I promise. But I really had to take a moment to post this e-mail that I just received from an agent that we just acquired here in the office. In light of all bashing we take from a small handful of lowminded agens who, I think, will one day fade from a high caliber place like our office, this was a breath of fresh air:

David and Stu,
   As you are well aware, I recently had the opportunity to assist my clients in the purchase of a high-end property in Rockwall Ranch.  I was blessed to receive the privilege of listing their existing home which is also in the higher end bracket.
   I wanted the promotion of their property to be the most professional and attractive presentation possible.  I had received feedback from Realtors in the office regarding the professional product that  Dustin Curlee  and Holly Hammon created along with their follow up.  My decision to contract Dustin as the major factor in my marketing plan has proven to be the best decision I could have made.
¬†¬† Dustin and Holly prove to be true pro’s.¬† They not only filed the completed paperwork on time to the office, had a professional photographer take outstanding pictures that truly captured the beauty of the home, created a high quality color flyer that has been praised by my clients(and her neighbors), but has listened to me and adapted.¬† (not a small task to say the least).
¬† Bottom line is Dustin has proven to be more professional than his resume proclaims.¬† He is truly¬† a ”PRICELESS” asset to the Keller Williams Heritage family.
Your Personal  Real Estate Professional
2338 N.W. Loop 1604
Suite #120
San Antonio, Tx. 78248
Direct – 210-392-5400
Main Office – 210-493-3030
Fax – 210-638-6077
web –
email –

So there it is!

Don, thanks so much. And thanks to agents like Tom Guajardo, Donna Franklin, Cathy Meneley, Richard Zepeda, and ALL the others who trust us to do a great job for them. You guys are what cause me to wake up every day at 5:15, hit the gym, and come in to the office early so that we can take care of our clients.

Dustin Curlee

Self Defense – 2

Posted: April 7, 2008 in General

The first question was – Is women’s self defense important?

What do you think? Guys and gals…answer that. I’d love to get some feedback on this question before I move on. So, tomorrow I will answer this question from my point of view.

Til then, I await the responses.

Dustin Curlee

I was approached not long ago about the possibility of starting a self defense class at Keller Williams, mainly for women. The reason, I was told, is that too many women are (sometimes – not always) naive to their surroundings and the people therein.

Ok, so let me back up a little bit.

Karate - means open hand¬†That’s not me. It’s just a cool Kung Fu pose.

So a little about my background in Karate, or, the Martial Arts: It all started a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…no it didn’t. It actually started at Churchill High School when I was 11. I started taking traditional Karate; better known as Tae Kwon Do (the way of the foot). Now, I didn’t care anything about how the martial arts evolved, or the art of what I was doing. I wanted to learn how to kick people. I was an angry young man. I mean, my last name is Curlee. And given the fact that my hair was actually curly, you can only imagine.

Anyway, I took Tae Kwon Do for about a year. I got pretty good at it. However, when I tried to use it on the street it just didn’t work. Trying to kick someone in the face when they are rushing at you is a hard thing to pull off. And considering that Tae Kwon Do was started in order to fight opponents who were on horses, it wasn’t very practical. (more…)