More of my faults

Posted: April 1, 2008 in General, Uncategorized, Virtual Assistant
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So some of you may be wondering why I am blogging about what I don’t do right. First of all, I will never claim to be perfect. I make mistakes. I don’t know of anyone who has ever been perfect, except Christ – the God man. So when I admit that I make mistakes I am doing nothing more than acknowledging what everyone already knows. 🙂

Second, blogging about what I don’t do right will help “my” agents, and those agents who are considering using me, to know that I can admit when I’m wrong. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong.

It’s your fault. Nu uh…it’s yours So when I blogged the other day about my goof on the HOA stuff, I was pleased with the responses that I got. Not only did people comment on the blog and say that they understood, have done the same things, and gave it a good laugh; but people actually came by my office and said that they appreciated that I took the high road and did the right thing. That made me feel good.

Having said that, let me point a couple of things out that will just make me feel better. So allow me to be a little self-indulgent.

Glitches There are, at the bare minimum, 37 steps in my contract to close services. That is a lot. Anyone who has ever done a contract through to close knows that it’s a very time consuming and detailed process. So when you consider that I do even more than the typical agent does, and that I close (on an average) 30 deals a month, that’s a large number of details going on at all times. And I receive accolades daily from my clients (both agents and buyers/sellers) on the job that Holly and I do.

So, point #1 – If A detail “falls through the cracks” every so often, I will admit such a failure and move on. If absolute perfection is required of me, then the agent will be let down immensely. They will also be let down with anyone that they hire in house, and they should be let down with themselves daily as well. After all, as I said, no one is perfect.

But something to consider is this –

Point #2 – Much of what an agent may consider a detail “falling through the crack” is in the midst of:

a) All of the other deals that I am doing for them, which includes the detailed process I spoke of earlier
b) The detail that fell through the crack may be in the midst of favors that I am doing for them that aren’t in my typical job description, i.e. receipting contracts when all signatures aren’t even there, addenda are unavailable, they are asking me to write personal ads for them, check their e-mails, etc

Hopefully an agent will consider those things before huffing and puffing and trying to blow my house down.

So anyway, there’s my confession for the day and my self-indulgence. I’m climbing out of the confessional, or off of my soap box, and moving on to make sure all the details are done!

Have a great day,

Dustin Curlee


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