Women’s Self Defense – 3

Posted: April 11, 2008 in General, Keller Williams Staff, Uncategorized
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Let\'s keep it real... I got A LOT of responses concerning my question about whether or not women’s self defense was important. It was unanimous – Yes, women’s self defense is important.

At this point I feel a responsibility to be very serious. If any of you have read this blog consistently then you know that I like humor. I try to make these blogs readable by using humor comingled with the topic. However, this post will be void of humor. No, I’m serious. Really! Quit pressuring me.

In my years of living in the martial arts world I have found VERY few schools that teach a practical and applicable women’s self defense program. Did you see those 2 words – practical, applicable. These 2 words, by and large, are void in the martial arts world where women’s self defense is concerned. I am not entirely sure why. One could conclude that the school teaching an unrealistic women’s self defense program is either a) Unaware of how a real attack would “go down,” b) Is not versed in how real fighting takes place, or c) Is really more concerned with the contract committing a women to said program vs. really equipping a woman to defend herself.

How NOT To Train a Woman Ok, here are some facts about an attack that cannot be avoided:

1. An attack on a woman is typically by a man. Men are, as a rule, physically larger and stronger than women
2. An attack on a woman is usually attempted by a sexual predator
3. Fighting back is not always the preferred route of defense. In fact, often times it should be the last resort
4. Pepper spray or tear gas can be the best weapon EVER

And finally…

5. Thinking that a 1, 2, 3 karate move is going to whoop the predators hind quarters is typically taught by those instructors who like to partake in the illegal substances smoked out of cylindrical objects or homemade pipes. Dang, there’s that humor I tried to avoid.

Seriously folks – if a man of average stature, hyped up with adrenaline, and who is motivated by a sick need for satiating a warped desire grabs you (a woman) from behind to put you on the ground or place you in a vehicle; if you try to S.I.N.G. (see video clip below) as a method of defense you will find yourself in a situation that is only imagined by those weirdos who make movies like SAW.

By the way, that move where she just throws the assailant off of her back – NOOOOOOO WAY. And it’s movies like that, and instructors all across the nation teaching stupid techniques like that, that give women an unbelievably false sense of security walking across dark parking lots to their cars after work.

So, I hope to accomplish a few things in this series. I want to give women some real ideas – some practical solutions – to defending themselves without ever trying to resort to physicality. I also hope to raise an awareness of an environmental reality surrounding attacks. Finally, I hope to help a hypothetical situation never take place for a woman out there.

Keep the comments coming.

Dustin Curlee


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