Well, once again I’ve outgrown my own abilities — AND Holly’s. 🙂

Gary Keller says in the MREA that if you are continuously feeling small hiccups, as it were, then chances are you have outgrown yourself. And it is at this point that you need to hire talent. But hiring talent isn’t as easy as it sounds. Anyone who has ever hired someone knows that it’s very easy to hold out a mirror and see if any breath fogs it up. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’ve hired talent.

I have hired talent. And I am so excited to introduce my new family member to you.

The new family member Rafael Goyco is his name. He is a…well, he’s older than me and I’m 36. I’ve known Raf (that’s what I call him) for 14 years. He and I met at church and became great friends. His family is my family.

Speaking of his family – if you’ve ever stopped by my office you have probably seen his daughter’s (Isabelle) drawings on my door or wall. She’s a little Picaso. Marcos, the oldest (8), is one of the most compassionate and amazing kids I’ve ever known. And his smallest, Jacqueline (5), is the brave one. If you have a pet – keep your eye on them. This kid has no fear. His wife, LeAnn, is so precious. I love this family.

Most of you already know Rafael. He has spoken twice at the team meeting offering agents a huge discount on car repair/maintenance services. He owns the Meineke on I-10 and DeZavala. He also owns ABC Vending. Rafael is one of the most intelligent guys I know. But what I am really excited about is that he is fluent in Spanish. He is originally from Puerto Rico. So, all of you agents who know that I don’t speak Spanish – we are about to be able to help you out.

Rafael will be in the office for training every week – at least one day. Stop by and say hi to him. I will be walking him around to introduce him to everyone. He is very, very affible and low key. In other words, he’s the total opposite of me. 😉

We are excited about our growth. We are continuing to serve over 36 of you now. Our listing services have blown up. Our contract services have caused referrals. And we are only getting better.

Dustin Curlee


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