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KW Family – and all those who may be reading this that aren’t with KW,

There is nothing worse for us (me, Holly, and Raf) than to get a listing under contract, launch our checklist, order the HOA docs (resale certificate and “covenants and restrictions”), only to call the client to ask for the check and hear, “This is the first time I’ve heard anything about this. Why am I paying for this? I’m already paying the agent a lot of commission.”



 Um, you have got to be kidding!!! Can you imagine what this is like for us? Not only does it make the agent look incredibly bad, but it frustrates the client before the deeper things of the transaction process even get started.

If you do not get a check at the listing appointment for the resale documentation, letting the client know that the check won’t be given to the management company until the home goes under contract, then you should at the very least make them aware of the fee that they will incur at time of contract. Please, please do not just put this off on your assistant – us, or otherwise. 🙂

I’m going to write another blog in the next day or so about how HOA docs get delivered. There seems to be some confusion on the part of the agent about just how this happens. And this, after all, is a very, very important part of good service and a fulfillment of the fiduciary relationship that we have to the client.

Have a super weekend!



Another new service

Posted: May 20, 2008 in General

Well hello all! It has been a very long time, I know. And I even said I was going to blog more. I guess I lied – but it was unintentional, I assure you. 🙂

Well, we are offering another service now. There have been quite a few agents who have asked us to simply take over their listings. They have put them into MLS, CSS, and even KWLS – maybe KW-Showcase, but they haven’t entered into Postlets, or Realtor.Com, or one of the other sites available out there. And rather than spending even more time trying to do data entry and so forth, they are  bringing it to me and saying, “Dustin, can you take this over, maintain it, contact my clients, and all of that?” My answer is, of course I can.

Your first question will be, “What is the fee for that?” Package #1 (data entry and maintenance) is $195. I cut that just about in half and only ask for $100. This gets you the rest of the data entry (we even check the existing data entry), access to our personal website Transaction Point, showing feedback on Monday and Thursday, and client calls on Friday. We also do Amendments for price changes, extensions, and so forth.

Come talk to me or Rafael if you have any other questions. You can also e-mail us at

Have a super day,


One of the new menu items that we will be offering are Visual Tours, a la carte. Now, those of you who having been using my services for listings, know that I offer visual tours. And those of you have been using my listing services know that Jason does an unbelievable job.

Here are a couple of the tours he has done.

18618 Crosstimber

136 Westerly Place

It doesn’t matter if the home is 450K, or 150K – Jason knows how to stage a home and shoot (with a camera 😉 ) a home.

Jason has actually been involved with the Keller Williams family for a few years. He has taught the visual tour class at our old Blanco location.

For $270 you can get my premium listing package, which includes:

  • All data entry, i.e. MLS, CSS, KWLS, KW-Showcase, Postlets, Transaction Point, etc
  • All paperwork turned in to Hank
  • Pictures and tour are done and uploaded the first day
  • Client (Seller) is contacted the first day
  • You receive 10 color flyers and the JPG of the flyer
  • Showing feedback is done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Client is contacted every Friday for updates
  • All amendments are done, i.e. price changes, etc

But, let’s say that you just want the visual tour done – no package. Jason is now offering staging of the home, 16 stills for MLS, 23 stills for Realtor.Com (if you have the showcase package), visual tour built and uploaded to all sites, and you receive a link to Google Photos so that you can save, burn, or view all the photos at your leisure. All of this will be offered for $100.

Now, I’ve seen the competition out there. I do my research. Not only is Jason’s pricing beyond competitive, but his work is of a higher caliber than anyone else I’ve seen out there. I endorse him – that means something.

Stop by the office if you want to know more about this service. We are very excited to offer it for you.

Dustin Curlee