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United Title Closes

Posted: July 30, 2008 in General
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The close of United Title is now old news, but I thought I’d talk about a couple of things surrounding the close.

First, let me recount the story of how I found out —

It all started back in 1972 in a quaint little hospital in Abilene, Texas…I’m kidding, I’m kidding. No one wants to hear my life story. That hurts…but I digress.

It was Wednesday morning around 7:40am. I had just walked into the office from working out. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who goes to the gym every morning. Here’s a picture of me that morning.

Me at the gym

Me at the gym

Ok, that’s not me – it’s Brad Pitt from the movie Troy. But man if I could only look like that. Sheesh.

Anyway, around 7:40 I received a call from a colleague stating that United Title has closed. He encouraged me to remove any contracts we had with United Title, to see about getting earnest money back, and to let the clients know. After wiping all of the drool off of my shirt from my mouth being agape, drying the tears that had fallen, and changing boxers, I jumped on the phone and started making calls.

Sure enough, after making calls to United Title, going through the “Please dial in the first few letters of your parties name” bit, and getting voicemail after voicemail after voicemail, I began to drool and snot again. (more…)


Marketing Words

Posted: July 28, 2008 in General
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Grrrr, I read an article today that really pee’d the proverbial pee into my Post Toasties. But it was good that I read it and I wanted to pass it along to you.

The article is called Marketing Word To The Wise (see Article on Marketing). It basically describes how the trend in marketing effects the consumer, then in turn the consumer effects the trend in marketing. For instance… (more…)

This blog will be important for my current clients and informative for those who don’t use us for our listing and transaction management. So, take the time to read all of this. 🙂

So I’m sure that everyone has heard about the new MLS coming out. I believe that the launch date is August 17, 2008. Am I correct on that?

Anyway, one of the features is a transaction management service. That peaked my interest. When I heard that I went to Russ and had him show me what it’s like. Here are my thoughts —

Learning Curves – At this point everyone is use to the current MLS system. I remember when the new MLS came out in..what was it, 2001-2002? It tooks agents forever to get use to all of the new features. But aside from the new features that had come out, the basic idea of having to learn a new UI (user interface – the way the system looks) really threw agents for a loop. Which brings me to the next thought…

Time – For an agent who does NOT have a personal assistant, the thought of how much time it will take to learn how to do property searches, tax searches, HOA searches, CMA’s, and so forth, is a little overwhelming. In order to continue to seem seamless to clients when it comes to buyer searches and CMA’s for listing clients, an agent will have to put forth effort (time) into learning the system quickly. (more…)

Every single time I go to the bathroom I forget to take my stupid key fob thingy. Consquently I end up walking through the front doors, saying hi to the girls, and then walking to my office the long way. I don’t lose any sleep over this. First of all, I get to say hi to the girls in the front. They have the hardest job in this office. So a little appreciation of them is a good thing. Second, I have a tendency to eat like a heffer during the day. Any extra steps I can take to burn another calorie or two can never be a bad thing.

Heffer Power

Heffer Power

Anyway, yesterday when I was walking by the front desk saying my usual “Wut up girl?” to Christina, I saw the newest issue of R.E. Magazine. Guess who I saw on the front – Pat and Kathy King of The Owen Group. I immediately stopped to see what the article was about. Most of you know that I got my start here at Keller Williams at The Owen Group. I worked for Pat and Kathy for over 4 years. It’s not the fact that I started with the King’s that has cause my fondness for them, it’s the fact that they are genuinely, sincerely, and authentically 2 of the most unebelivable people you will ever meet in your life.


As I left Jason’s Deli last night after having my turkey sandwich on rye, I noticed the latest issue of NSide magazine. Now, here is a genuine caveat

A small portion of this article may be offensive to you. That is certainly not my intention. But in addition to giving Robert Elder some accolades, I simply had to point out this other possibly offensive thing.

So, first, as I was flipping through the magazine I happen to see a picture of Robert Elder. Those of us here at the Heritage market center all know Robert Elder. He, his mom and business partner, and  Renee run The Elder Group. They are studs. They did $15 million last year.

The article talks about how Robert came from nothing and is now the man that he is today. It was an awesome story. You will find the story about him going to his first sale here in San Antonio (in the Dominion) in a borrowed car, since he himself did not have one, particularly interesting. (more…)

I typically open up my e-mail with a resolution that I will have to deal with whatever is in the Inbox. Do you know what I mean? What I’m saying is that, an Inbox is a mine field at times. You can open up your e-mail to find letters from angry clients, angry agents, angry appraisers, lenders, and so forth. Many times the e-mails aren’t even directed at you (me). You can just be receiving a CC (carbon copy) of everything going on between two other parties. Point is – an Inbox isn’t always poppy fields and strawberries. Did I just type that? Weird!

Uh oh...what's in here?

Uh oh...what's in here?





Another Inbox phenomenon is what I call “e-mail bravado.” Have you ever noticed how people tend to be far more macho or confrontational in e-mail than they are in person? Let me tell you, I have read some serious doozies (that’s an actual word; it has its own definition). I have sat staring at the screen sometimes thinking “Does this person think that they are Rambo or something?”

So anyway… (more…)

I’d absolutely love to get your thoughts on this one.

In one of the last articles of this months Entrepreneur magazine, one of the big dogs of business was giving his ideas on how to get your staff involved in innovating the business. Wait, let me back up.

The article was talking about how an owner can become stale in innovation. Maybe a better word would be complacent. Rather than pushing past the common denominators, i.e. farming, Just Listed/Just Sold, and lead generation, an agent remains comfortable in the “what works.” Nothing is wrong with what works. But doesn’t it behoove a business owner to always be aware of the trend? After all, if we all stayed in the past we’d still be flipping through a huge map book rather than using GPS when with buyers; we’d be flipping through a big book to look at the MLS instead of using the online system; we’d be sitting around going, “Sheesh, how come that website thingamajiggy (I’m not sure on the spelling of that one) gets so much business,” rather than having one built for ourselves. So innovating is a good thing.

Let's get cookin
Let’s get cookin