Hi guys and girls,

Sometimes in the frenzy of our technological society we forget about some very basic, some might call them archaic, modes of marketing. But these dusty old relics are the foundations upon which marketing is built. And foundations are a critical part of a structure, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

You can lead a horse to water...

You can lead a horse to water...



 I’m writing a blog right now…a web log. Get it – weB Log…blog. Blogs are uber popular. They are considered one of the greatest marketing tools around right now. They are free. They are world wide. They are easily accessible. They are fairly user friendly. And in terms of marketing tools for a business to generate leads, they really are an invaluable asset. So has this blog been my greatest marketing tool? What do you think?

No way! There’s your answer.


I could have written 6 blogs a day, sent them out by mass e-mail, paid for Google ad words, worked on changing the front page frequently so that Google crawlers pushed me up in the search engines, ad infinitum. None of this would have been as effective as a simple hand shake, eye contact, and authenticity in a desire to build relationships.

So what’s my point? I see WWWWWAAAAAYYYY to many agents working on these grand and elaborate websites, trying to create blogs, spending countless hours on www.thisandthat.com sites, but forgetting about the foundations upon which critical marketing was built, i.e. farming!

Listing are Leverage

Listing are Leverage

 – Take a look at the front side of this farm card. You see that devastatingly handsome lad crouched down with such a manly, physical prowess? That’s me. Now I didn’t put this one up so that everyone could admire me…I know it’s hard to resist. Or maybe you’ll use it as a dart board. That’s neither here nor there. My point in putting this particular card up is to show how long The Owen Group has been farming neighborhoods.

Have you ever heard of the cause and effect relationship? Every effect has a first cause. My mom use to always say “the effect is you are going to do what I say cause if you don’t it’s going to be bad for you.” But before I start reliving those memories, putting on some sad music, and calling in a prescription for antidepressants, let me move on.

The Owen Group is consistently one of the top 3 groups at Keller Williams in terms of GCI, listings taken, and production. And since I’ve been at Keller Williams (2000) The Owen Group has taken the #1 spot for the  year nearly every year…if not every year. Might there be a cause and effect relationship here? Listings are leverage, as Gary Keller says. Internet marketing generates, mainly, what kind of leads? Buyer leads! Are buyers leverage?

Do you farm a neighborhood – CONSISTENTLY? Do you farm at all? Do you spend large amounts of time creating an internet presence, and not balancing that out with the foundations of the structure?

Tomorrow I’m going to explain how we can help you not put the cart before the horse, build the foundation, and grow something long lasting.

Have an awesome day,



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