Farming Cards – 2

Posted: July 11, 2008 in General

So we talked about farming on Wednesday – the importance of it, how it is neglected, and the cause and effect relationship it has on business. Today I want to talk about how you can get it done.

There are a couple of main companies being used to do what is called “turn key” farming –

1. Quantum Mail

2. Reaching Neighbors

Turn key means, in a nutshell, that you don’t have to do anything except let the company know what you want. Then you walk away and it’s done for you. Hence my company name – Turn Key Operations.

I like both of these companies, but I like one better than the other. 🙂

Reaching Neighbors has always seem to be a bit more accessible, a little friendlier, more hands on, and they show up at our office – so there is a face to the company name. The two companies have very similar options in terms of cards, pricing, and so forth, but Reaching Neighbors, again, is a little more competitive in all arenas.

Reaching Neighbors has now partnered with Keller Williams so that when you input listings into KW-Showcase you have the option to click a link that says “Order Just Listed Cards.” That’s an awesome feature. However, agents still aren’t doing it. Why? My guess is because it takes time. There is still some data entry that has to be done! You should already be using us for your listings since our services are stellar, free to you, and proven effective. But you can now opt to use us for your cards.

So, another new service that we are offering is Just Listed and Just Sold cards – consistently. Let’s say that you bring me a listing and you want a Just Listed card done, I will take care of it the day of listing. Your farming will start. Your brand and name will be out there. And all you had to do was drop paperwork off. Talk about turn key!

If we are doing your transaction (contract to close) then we will order Just Sold cards. So your listings will get Just Listed and Just Sold cards without you ever having to do anything at all, except take the lead calls for buyers and sellers. This is the best and most effective use of your time.

Stop by my office and find out about pricing and details. Our mission and vision is to be a service that helps you take your business to the next level.

Have a great day,



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