I like coffee

Posted: July 11, 2008 in General

I logged into my blog account today and saw that there was 1 draft unposted. I don’t leave drafts. So I became curious. Below is a blog that Rafael wrote before he left. It’s good. I figured I’d post it so that you all can read it. I’m also going to post a little later about the farming card thing I was talking about yesterday.


I love coffee.

(Posted by Rafael. Follow me here for a minute because this does have to do with real estate.)

Now, when I say I love coffee, I’m not talking about the nasty canned coffee you find in your break room or (gasp!) that you may even make at home. Americans love this stuff. Yes, I’m an American, but the Latino in me just can’t put up with hot water with a little coffee flavoring floating in it. We tend to like it as thick as motor oil and strong enough to keep you up all day.

The best espresso should be extraordinarily sweet, have a potent aroma, and flavor similar to freshly ground coffee. The crema should be dark reddish-brown and smooth, yet thick. A perfect espresso should be enjoyable straight with no additives, yet bold enough to not disappear in milk. A pleasant and aromatic aftertaste should linger on the palate for several minutes after consumption.

The coffee afficionados out there will know there is a right way and a wrong way to make coffee. For those of you not in the know, here goes:

  • It begins with the bean. You need a quality coffee to produce superior taste. The Vietnamese crap that has saturated the market not only tastes horrible, but it has driven down prices and driven many coffee farmers and families out of business. I like earthy Ethiopian or Sumatran coffees, and the sweet Puerto Rican and Mexican Altura coffees.
  • Roasting will bring out the caramel flavor in the bean. A darker roast decreases decaffeination. A medium roast is perfect for an espresso.
  • The grind is critical and should be done with a burr-type grinder. Too fine and the water will not flow throught the coffee well. Too coarse and the water will not extract enough flavor. In addition, a conical grinder helps to prevent overheating, thus diminishing the flavor of the coffee. The grinding process should be done for about 15-20 seconds and should produce a ground size that will allow proper water extraction in about 28-30 seconds.
  • Tamping is important too. Too tight or too loose will produce similar effects to improper grinding. I’ve read that you should tamp the coffee once very evenly with 5 lbs of pressure, then once with 30 lbs of pressure, and polish 720° with 20 lbs of pressure.
  • Water must be filtered to prevent off tastes.
  • Water temperature should be between 197 to 204 degrees farenheit.
  • Water pressure to extract the coffee should be between 9 and 10 atmospheres to produce the proper crema.
  • Extraction time should be between 25-30 seconds.
  • Espresso should only be made on demand.
  • The espresso cup should be preheated to prevent temperature loss.

Okay, did you get all that? The point is this: making a great cup of espresso is an art form and takes practice to get it right. It also takes the proper equipment and tools. All of it has to be covered.

So, how does this relate to real estate?

A few weeks ago, I started working with Dustin & Holly in Turn Key Operations. The two main services offered are 1) Transaction Management from Sold to Close, and 2) Listing Services. It is incredible the amount of work needed to accomplish either task properly and on time. From an outsider’s perspective, I don’t understand how or why an agent can spend the time doing this work when they have much more important things to focus their efforts on (i.e. marketing, farming, showing, etc.). Turn Key Operations performs these services so efficiently and professionally that even Title companies are recommending our services to other agents. There are so many details that have to be kept in mind when doing this work. TKO ensures that everything gets done right, every time.

Similar to a barista pulling a perfect espresso, it takes a pro to get this work done right. Most of us don’t have the equipment or the knowledge to make the perfect espresso at home, so we rely on a barista when we crave that ethereal dose of sweet and creamy espresso. Likewise, I would highly encourage you to use TKO for all your Listings and Transaction Management to take advantage of the professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail we have to offer.

In addition, you should know by now that the Transactions service is FREE to you. Ask us how if you are not aware. Using our services is a great way to prevent you from having to take on payroll and the headaches of employees.

Come by and talk to us sometime or give us a call @ 493-3030 x1191.

Rafael Goyco


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