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Posted: July 14, 2008 in General, Uncategorized, Virtual Assistant
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So everyone knows that I’ve hired 2 people – Virginia (Princess Leia) and Jason (Yoda). Read THIS POST for a quick update. I am so blessed at how well they have been working out. Virginia has been christened into the wacky humor that comprises Jason and I, what with him calling me a heffer and me making fun of his height…or lack thereof. She has not run yet. That’s a good sign.

But seriously, they both are doing such a fantastic job. I am grateful to God for His giving me 2 such great team players. I’m excited for the future of this business.

Having 2 staff has made me do some thinking about training and long term goals. Coincidentally I read an interesting article in Entrepreneur, and it was along the same lines as some of what I was thinking. For instance…

…on page 19, in an article entitled “Talent Scout,” it is noted that Tom Bonney (founder and managing director of CMA Associates) believes that “employee development is central to CMA Associates’ business strategy.” Mr. Bonney says, “I’m in the service business, so my customers remind me everday about the importance of talent.” He goes on, “You really have to have a well oiled team.”

See here – Article 1

These are the same kinds of things that Craig has always talked to me about. He has always said to hire talent, not just a breathing body. Holly was talent. Virginia and Jason are talent. But finding talent takes time. It is a process. You can’t just do the breath of a mirror interview –

Are they living? They are hired!

And even more important than hiring talent is cultivating talent. Cultivating talent takes time as well. But in order to have a well oiled machine running an operation, you can’t just have them sign on the dotted line and then walk away. So I am going to cultivate the talent that I have.

I, like Mr. Bonney, am in the service industry. You as the agent are my clients. Everyone that you represent is also my client. And so the people that work with me must reflect the same standards that I have, or higher. After all, Dustin Curlee, cannot be the entire operation. Dustin Curlee cannot be Turn Key Operations, INC. Dustin Curlee cannot be a lone ranger.

Hi o' Silver...Away!

Although I might look good in that outfit! Hmm, well, I guess that’s neither here nor there.
Over the next few days I’m going to blog about how I’m going to cultivate the talent that I have. I’m also going to blog about some of my future plans for these guys to service you in even bigger and better ways than I have. So keep your eyes open and let me know your thoughts.
Have an awesome day,

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