Owner vs. Employee

Posted: July 15, 2008 in General, Keller Williams Staff, Uncategorized, Virtual Assistant

Yesterday I talked about the importance of training staff, how that creates the well oiled machine that business owners crave, and I gave the example of Mr. Bonney’s (owner of a large finance company) experience and wisdom.

Today I want to talk about an owner mentality vs. an employee mentality. There is a huge difference!

Employee Mentality

Employee Mentality




I have a weekly meeting with my staff. Whe it was just me, I took one specific day, and set aside one specific hour, and I looked at my goals. Was I hitting them? Were they realistic? What had I done to be purposeful rather than just doing what comes natural. When I had Holly we (tried) to meet regularly to talk about upcoming closings, listings, and so forth. And now that I have Virginia and Jason we are meeting every Tuesday.

This morning I asked the question…

…, “What is the difference between an employee mentality and an owner mentality.” Jason said it best. He said, “An employee only thinks about punching the clock and then they are done.” Right on! He’s exactly right. An employee is concerned about a paycheck…not the welfare of the business long term. This is one of the reasons that Keller Williams has a model for a bonus structure for employees rather than a flat salary. But even then an employee, if they have an employee mentality, only thinks about punching the time clock.

An owner, naturally, is concerned about the client, the customer, their service, the standards, long term goals, hitting those goals, etc. And on a fundamental level the actual owner of a business will always have a stronger ownership mentality than a staff member who takes on an ownership mentality. However, a staff member who takes on an ownership mentality is far more valuable than the yahoo who sits at a desk and says, “Yes, yes yes! It’s almost 5:30 and then I’m outta here!!!”

But the owner mentality has to be cultivated. The same article I quoted yesterday cites Richard Davis, a management pyschologist and consultant at global organizational firm RHR International. Mr. Davis says, “Today’s employees ‘want to know they are going to be upwardly mobile in some way.'” I can understand this. Woulnd’t you? Ever hear of the phrase “dead end job?” No one wants to be in one.

Now, here’s the kicker – although business owners are aware that no one wants to work in a dead end job, and although an owner understands that a well trained staff member is of value, statistics show that “60 percent admit that they don’t spend enough time developing employees.” Wow!!!

Article 2

Ok, so here’s my thinking in relation to what I offer here. Where are you going to find 3 “assistants” who are motivated by the owner mentality vs. the employee mentality? Where are you going to find a situation where you do not have to train or manage an employee? How will you ever avoid the taxes on an employee? What kind of time will it take to find talent who doesn’t think about punching the clock?

I have the answer. 🙂

Tomorrow I want to continue with this topic. I want to talk about some team building games. I also want to talk about self-development in respect to training staff. This is where I get to make fun of myself and you all get to laugh at my expense. So really it will be like a typical day!

Have an awesome day,



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