Team Building

Posted: July 16, 2008 in General
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On with the topic…

Do you remember being in high school, sitting in class with your eyelids feeling like someone tied 20lb weights to them; trying to put forth some sort of a shred of effort to listen to the monotone, lifeless orator in front of you, all the while wondering why your classroom seemed so monochromatic and distilled?


I can remember it too. Many a day I leaked tablespoons of spittle onto my desk. This is why I decided that it was better just to stay home. My mom and the school didn’t value my decision as much as I did.

Anyway, team meetings can be very, very much like the classroom experience. Have you ever experienced that? You know you are about to walk into a small glimpse of Hell. Whether or not you are an employee, or an employer, a team meeting can be a very harrowing experience. They do not have to be!

I just held our team meeting yesterday morning. I wanted to talk about details. Details are very important. So an illustration that I gave involved all 3 of us sitting close to each other, some candle light, soft mus…no, no…wait…I mean, wadded up paper balls, and an open mind. Each paper ball represented one contract, one listing, one client, an appraisal, and so forth. I had Jason and Virginia start to toss one ball each to each other. It was a sort of cross table juggle.

Well, when those 2 wads of paper were being tossed to and fro with ease, I threw one more wad into the mix and said “Here is a new contract.” In the attempt to catch a wad of paper as it was thrown in, one of the existing juggled papers was dropped. It was quickly picked up and the smooth juggling continued. Once the three wadded papers were being juggled smoothly, I threw another wadded paper into the mix and said “Here’s an appraisal.” An existing wad of paper was dropped, another was almost dropped, and the intensity in their eyes became…more intense. Suddenly they were laughing and joking around. The desire to have the papers juggled smoothly had to have focus, teamwork, and communication. You getting the picture?

That video is just really cool. Our juggling was nothing like that, but I thought you’d enjoy it.

Jason and Virginia really dug that game. It completely got the point across. We talked about the details of a listing, transaction, and the clients stellar service. It was a great meeting. But had I just sat there like Ben Stein on Ferrish Bueller’s day off going, “How important are the details in a transaction? Anyone…anyone???”, I would have lost them at the word go.

Here are some links you can check out that have some free team building ideas:

Team Building 1

Team Building USA

I hope these help. I’ve taken a lot of great ideas, changed them a little to be more personal and applicable to my setting.

Last thing, check out this article from Entrepreneur magazine. It talks about how leaders of a meeting are story tellers. A good story teller captivates an audience. It’s got some great stuff in it.

Article 3

Ok, I’m done. Have a great day,



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