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Posted: July 17, 2008 in General, Keller Williams Staff, Uncategorized, Virtual Assistant
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I’d absolutely love to get your thoughts on this one.

In one of the last articles of this months Entrepreneur magazine, one of the big dogs of business was giving his ideas on how to get your staff involved in innovating the business. Wait, let me back up.

The article was talking about how an owner can become stale in innovation. Maybe a better word would be complacent. Rather than pushing past the common denominators, i.e. farming, Just Listed/Just Sold, and lead generation, an agent remains comfortable in the “what works.” Nothing is wrong with what works. But doesn’t it behoove a business owner to always be aware of the trend? After all, if we all stayed in the past we’d still be flipping through a huge map book rather than using GPS when with buyers; we’d be flipping through a big book to look at the MLS instead of using the online system; we’d be sitting around going, “Sheesh, how come that website thingamajiggy (I’m not sure on the spelling of that one) gets so much business,” rather than having one built for ourselves. So innovating is a good thing.

Let's get cookin
Let’s get cookin




Ok, so this guys idea was to get the staff involved in the innovation. He suggests that you/me leave an “idea box” in the office. Then we are to encourage our staff to come up with some ideas to help grow our business and maintain what we already have. If/when that idea generates more profit, the employee will get a bonus.

What an awesome idea!

What are your thoughts?

Have a great day,



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