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Posted: July 19, 2008 in General
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I typically open up my e-mail with a resolution that I will have to deal with whatever is in the Inbox. Do you know what I mean? What I’m saying is that, an Inbox is a mine field at times. You can open up your e-mail to find letters from angry clients, angry agents, angry appraisers, lenders, and so forth. Many times the e-mails aren’t even directed at you (me). You can just be receiving a CC (carbon copy) of everything going on between two other parties. Point is – an Inbox isn’t always poppy fields and strawberries. Did I just type that? Weird!

Uh oh...what's in here?

Uh oh...what's in here?





Another Inbox phenomenon is what I call “e-mail bravado.” Have you ever noticed how people tend to be far more macho or confrontational in e-mail than they are in person? Let me tell you, I have read some serious doozies (that’s an actual word; it has its own definition). I have sat staring at the screen sometimes thinking “Does this person think that they are Rambo or something?”

So anyway…

…this morning I sat at a local coffee shop here in Georgetown called Bar None. It’s a quaint little place. They actually make better coffee than Starbuck’s. I think that they need to work on their demographic a bit in order to generate more business, but they haven’t asked for my expertise yet. 🙂

As I sat drinking my quad, extra large mocha latte, I opened up my Gmail account. I see an e-mail from Tom Guajardo.

Tom Guajardo

Tom GuajardoHelen Guajardo

Tom is one of the agents I work for here at Keller Williams. Many of you know him. He is an unbelievable, top producing agent. But what sets Tom and Helen apart from most everyone I work with are there standards of excellence.

Now I need to be careful here. I am NOT saying that every other agent that I work for doesn’t have standards of excellence…or even high standards of excellence. I am merely pointing out that the Guajardo’s have standards of excellence unlike anyone that I have ever worked for before. And if those standards of excellence are not met then I am met with 2 high D personalities questioning me as to why the standard wasn’t met. Many people can mistake that questioning as ugliness, being rude, too intense, or whatever. But I am a high D as well; and I have very high standards of excellence for my team. So I appreciate their position.

Ok, so here is what the e-mail said:

Wow!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this from one of our top dollar listings!!!! Tom and I have been extremely please with Jason and feel he has gone over and above the call of duty.  What an amazing compliment! Please forward this to Jason and let him know that we appreciate your team! This is also a huge compliment to you for hiring great people.  Please feel free to post this on your website for other agents to see.  Thank you!

So then I thought “What did the e-mail say that sparked this from Tom and Helen.” Here is what it said:

Hi Tom and Helen,
I just wanted you to know how great Jason is to your team! He is very polite, patient, and professional with his job and interactions with the homeowner. I was most impressed yesterday when he came over late  (with his family in his car) to bring to me the fliers for today’s showings and to show me the virtual tour that he had put together that I had not seen yet! 
It is rare to find someone who treats your business as if it was their own and he seems to have that quality.


Dang! Dude! Schhhhnap! That is awesome. I forwarded the e-mail to Jason, called him, and said “Hey dude, open up your e-mail and check out what I just sent you.” He called me back very overwhelmed.

That’s my team. Virginia is already gaining the respect of agents in the office as well. They are awesome. I’m so blessed to have them. I really am. Kudo’s to you Jason. Keep up the good work.

Have a great day,



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