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Hi KW Family,

I know that KW announced this either in a team meeting or through email, but apparently it has slipped through the crakcs with a lot of agents – and we definitely didn’t know anything about it. So, here’s the announcement:

Please call us if you have any questions or need anything at all. We will do whatever we can!



There are soooo many people who work together to keep this office running smoothly. You probably know most of them by name. I’m not sure how many people know Maria. She is the sweetest lady. She does so much work around the office. Many of you probably haven’t even seen her but trust me she works long hours and does a great job. I was trying to find her for 2 days so I could put this blog together. I would see her in the hall and head in her direction. Next thing I knew she was gone. Its like she has some kind of mystical powers like walking through walls or something. I would turn around to leave and there she goes down the other hall with her cleaning supplies. Her job never stops! So it has to be difficult now that her car HAS. If you would like to donate to help pay for the cost of Maria’s car repairs stop by AGENT SERVICES and someone will be able to help you do that. Thanks SOO much in advance for all of your help!