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Hi KW Family,

We were all sent this by Danny T. I’m not sure who watched it and who did not. I’m encouraging you to take about 4 minutes and enjoy this analysis of our market.

What do you say after that?



Hi KW Family,

Does anyone remember the Ice Cream Social? That was such an awesome time.

So many great things have happened over the last year. We had a grand opening, the ice cream social, Craig slowly moved into his new position, David took over in his position and is kickin booty. It’s really been a great year.

I’m going to post some stuff from the past as a reminder of all that has been accomplished. It’s incredible.

Happy Holidays everyone,


Just in case you didn’t get a chance to see my ugly mug give a brief testimony of how Craig, Keller Williams, and the culture has impacted my life – here is a second opportunity:

I hope you enjoy it.


I love Keller Williams

Posted: December 12, 2008 in General

Hey KW Family,

I pulled the blog I put up last night. I talked with an agent today who was so sweet and very caring. She encouraged me to approach the topic in a different direction. Wise advice!

You know, I’m fairly young. At least I like to think of myself as young. And sometimes in defense of myself or those I care about, I can react. Craig told me a long time ago that reacting is typically not a good thing. He’s right. This agent that I spoke with this morning was right too.

So, I’ll do a series – but on a different subject. How about I do a series on how much KW rocks?! This is a great company. The leadership at International is great. The leadership in our office is great. And I want to help build people up and not tear them down.

I would have done a video today, but I’m in Starbuck’s and all you would have heard is grinding, talking, and you would have been jealous that you couldn’t smell the Christmas Blend brewing like I can. 🙂

Look for my series coming up on KW Kicks Kool Kulture…or something witty like that.