I love Keller Williams

Posted: December 12, 2008 in General

Hey KW Family,

I pulled the blog I put up last night. I talked with an agent today who was so sweet and very caring. She encouraged me to approach the topic in a different direction. Wise advice!

You know, I’m fairly young. At least I like to think of myself as young. And sometimes in defense of myself or those I care about, I can react. Craig told me a long time ago that reacting is typically not a good thing. He’s right. This agent that I spoke with this morning was right too.

So, I’ll do a series – but on a different subject. How about I do a series on how much KW rocks?! This is a great company. The leadership at International is great. The leadership in our office is great. And I want to help build people up and not tear them down.

I would have done a video today, but I’m in Starbuck’s and all you would have heard is grinding, talking, and you would have been jealous that you couldn’t smell the Christmas Blend brewing like I can. 🙂

Look for my series coming up on KW Kicks Kool Kulture…or something witty like that.



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