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KW Family,

Wow – that Houston area…something great is happening out there.

Call or email if you have any questions. I’m off to work…

Dustin Curlee, Licensed Assistant


This says what I’m doing –

So the first place I went was Anna and Nancy. Here’s what they had to say –

Nancy is so sweet. Anna is too. Anna is just shy. I went to Patty, but she just got some blood drawn and was seeing little pink elephants running around and so forth. I figured we’d wait til she’s no longer high.

Next was Sean –

Have you ever heard those weird conversations that Sean has with himself while he works on your computer? Interesting. Anyway, next was Kim Perry and Tina. Now, if you know Kim Perry then you know I was asking for the unexpected. I got it.

I mean, I couldn’t even get out what I was doing before Kim was jumping in my Kool-Aid. Gotta love her.

Finally, David Jones –

See how the team leader gets all serious? But David is right. In fact, tomorrow I’m going to tell a personal story that illustrates the KW culture. It has to do with Craig. You won’t want to miss it.


KW Staff – Nancy Higgs

Posted: November 19, 2007 in General

Nancy Higgs Nancy Higgs – Assistant Market Center Administrator

Before I get started on talking about Nancy’s job stuff, I need to let you all know about her little bundle of blessings. Nancy had a baby girl on April 24th. Elle is SO cute. Take a look at this –

Awww, how cute! Isn’t that just adorable? And Nancy, the trooper that she is, was back at work like 2.5 hours after having the baby. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. You get my point though. She was back at work quickly.

In addition to having a baby, she has also gotten married. It happened in the reverse order, but no one ever said that I’m chronologically gifted. Here is a picture of the proud daddy –

 Proud Papa How cute is that? Daddy’s are just big ‘ol softies when it comes to their children. I remember when my daughter Brianan was born. There is a picture of me with long hair, all my tattoos, laying on a bed with Brianan in one arm. We are both asleep. There’s just no looking tough in situations like that. (more…)

Kim Bridgforth Kim Bridgforth – Director of Operations

The question you need to ask yourself is this – What does the word “operations” mean? Loosely defined, people would say that “operations” means the “goings-on” of a company. You know, this person is the director of the “goings-on” within the company. Yeah, um, ok.

Take a look at the Google definition – refers to the recurring activities of an organization directed toward producing a product or rendering a service. such activities may include, but are not limited to, marketing, sales, production, purchasing, human resources, finance and accounting, and governmental assistance. There is an appropriate definition, and one that is very fitting for what Kim does.

Now let’s try to define what “Director” means. Am I splitting a gnat’s hair? No, I don’t think so. This is really important if we are going to grasp the fullness of what we are talking about. (more…)

Ok, look at this nice, serene, quiet picture of Kim Perry – New Agent Coordinator.

Quiet Kim Perry Isn’t that nice and special?

Ok, don’t be fooled. Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s professional. Yes, she does a good job. However, Kim Perry is anything but serene and quiet. 😉 But this is precisely why we love her so much. I’ll talk more about that later.

Kim, like Tina Morales, is a New Agent Coordinator. Or, New Agent Services Coordinator. I can’t remember which is right. I could call her and ask, but I already did. If I called back to ask she would make fun of me. I stay away from mockery.

Kim is responsible for processing in all of the new agents. She helps deal with all of the paperwork here within our office for inprocessing, all of the SABOR stuff, MLS dues, business cards, name tags, office name plates, giving out new signs, lockboxes, and riders. She helps keep track of all of the inventory that we have on signs and all of that too. There’s this huge room right across from her office with all of that stuff in there. (more…)

KW Staff – Patty Alcala

Posted: November 6, 2007 in General

Quit buggin An interesting thing has happened as I have done preparation for this series of blog articles on the Keller Williams staff.  I have realized that I am quite the pest! As you may have read yesterday, I bug Tina fairly often about various types of things. Then today as I got ready to write about Patty Alcala, the same types of events that happen to Tina, where I am concerned, happen to Patty as well. Man, this is kinda depressing for me. Onward I press!

Patty Alcala Patty Alcala – Records Administrator, formerly one of the Directors of New Agent Services, formerly a Director of First Impressions, and nicknamed by me as P Diddy!

Patty has moved around quite a bit within the company. Her talents were noticed, employed, and are constantly being refined through training and hardwork. In her current position she in charge of…you ready for this?…all of the active listings, seller/buyer contracts, and closed files within the company. Ok, just so you can grasp a taste of the magnitude of this you need to realize that we have (I’m fairly certain) about 440 agents here at the Heritage office. (more…)

Tina Morales – Director of Agent Services…and I would add Extraordinaire. What does this job title mean, really?

From an MREA “Job Description” kind of a standpoint it means that Tina is the one who is responsible for making sure that new agents paperwork is done (correctly, mind you – that is a task in and of itself), turned in to all the appropriate hierarchy; she is responsible for many elements of their training (Camp 443), and setting them up with everything that they need to function. She is also in charge of TREC and SABOR legistics.

Ok, now let’s talk about the larger, more day-to-day, craziness that is a silent part of her job description. On Tina’s name plate it should say, “Provider of Answers.” How many of us stop Tina in the hall, barge in through her door Hi Jerry…(Man, am I guilty of that!), interrupt her break outside, call her (on the office line or otherwise), and generally just bark questions and commands during a normal business day? If she had a dime for everytime this kind of a thing happened…well, let’s just say that she’d no longer have to work at KW. This would be Tina – (more…)